First Sketch of the Honda Scooter/Motorcycle Hybrid

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If you want some more proof that Honda’s emerging larger and more “torqueful” two-wheeler, which is based on the Mid Series, is going to be one-part scooter and one-part motorcycle, then look no further than this screen capture of the slide Honda CEO Takanobu Ito used at the company’s end of the fiscal-year event.

While only a very vague sketch of sweeping lines, the image shows a shape that looks striking similar to the Honda DN-01 crossover, which also featured a scooter/motorcycle hybrid design. While Ito-san only talked about the machine in generalities, we do know that Honda’s new motorcycle will be suitable for commuting and touring, built in Honda’s flagship Kumamoto plant, and debut in the North American market.

Looking at the sketch, it is hard not to imagine that Honda is building a bike that is vey similar to the DN-01. The basic concept seems to be intact, though knowing how much of a flop the Honda DN-01 was when it came to market, perhaps the Japanese brand has learned from its mistakes, but still believes that there is a viable product in this design idea.

We would expect a motor larger than 1,000cc’s, and it wouldn’t surprise us to see the VFR1200F’s V4 motor with DCT used in this new concept. That is just speculation though, and we will have to wait until the fall motorcycle shows to get our first glimpse at what Big Red has been cooking.

Source: Visordown

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