Roehr Gets EPA Approval – Can Finally Deliver Bikes to Customers

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Roehr Motorcycles has finally gotten the green light from the EPA that the 1250sc meets federal admissions standards; and thus, can start delivery of pre-orders to waiting customers. Thanks to the 10th Amendment and vision of clear skies over Los Angeles, Roehr will still have to complete CARB certification in order to sell to customers here in the Golden State.

Speaking about the snag with those crazy left-coast liberals, Walter Roehrich commented, “We appreciate all the enthusiasm, patience and support from our California customers and plan to start delivering their bikes very soon as well.”

As much as we don’t like the basic concept of the 1250sc, we think Roehr did the right thing here by getting as many bikes out the door as possible for their customers. While Roehr is likely still in bind, by not being able to deliver to the largest motorcycle market in the US, partial delivery is better than none at this point for the Illinois company.

Source: The Kneeslider