Ridge Motorsports Park Coming to the Pacific Northwest

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The Pacific Northwest is about to get a new track day venue, as the Ridge Motorsports Park has won its special zoning permit, and begun construction in Mason County, Washington. Ridge Motorsports Park will feature a 2.5 mile road course that incorporates the topography of the area to create a venue with undulating elevation, which should make for a fun and challenging track for car and motorcycle enthusiasts alike.

Judging from the track layout, there appears to be three different configurations for the park’s road course, with the full course comprising of 18 turns with the optional front chicane adding a 19th. Complimenting the 2.5 mile road course is a separate ¼ drag strip, which should appeal to those whole like to take their motorsports in a single vector only.

According to its website, Ridge Motorsports Park is expected to be fully operational by 2012, with the main track and basic facilities in place by late 2011. Located under a two hours drive from Seattle, Washington, the venue is a much needed space for riders in the Pacific Northwest. With Portland only 2.5 hours away, and Tacoma/Olympia even closer than both Seattle and Portland, there’s a plethora of metropolitan areas for the track to draw from…just bring some wets with you.

Source: Ridge Motorsports Park