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There is more movement in the online two-wheeled space, as has been sold to, the entity behind the popular racing website, and other online destinations.

The news was made public via a press release on RideApart, and from its wording it seems that operations at the website will continue as they have been, with Motor1 instead looking to leverage the RideApart brand into other spin-off sites, the same way it has done with the “Motor” brand.

“We’re extremely excited to add RideApart to the growing Motor1 network,” said John Neff, Editor-in-Chief at

“The site will continue to be a leader in coverage of the motorcycle world, publishing the news, reviews, and motorsports coverage that RideApart readers have come to expect. Now joined with the resources and reach of Motor1’s global footprint, it will be our template for launching more editions devoted to motorcycles around the world.”

For those that have been following motorcycle media for the past five years or so, they will remember that RideApart started at the spin-off YouTube series of Hell for Leather, before HFL shifted gears internally and took on the RideApart designation after a change in management.

Since then, RideApart has experimented with several different business models, including one that focused lead-generation for motorcycle dealers.

RideApart also has the dubious honor of introducing the viral headline to the motorcycle media space – something that occurred during its second business model. Thanks for that, guys.

After those business models fell apart, RideApart’s third business plan was put into place, and currently the site focuses on younger and newer riders, with its news, reviews, features, and buyer’s guide.

The involvement now of Motor1 is an interesting move, especially considering the Florida-based firm’s business model, which focuses on spin-off brands that cover deep niches. Presumably the RideApart brand will be expanded into deep niches within the motorcycle community.

The constantly changing policies and ethos of RideApart has lead to the site’s decline over the past few years, with many pegging the high-water mark occurring during the Hell for Leather era of the publication.

This means that Motor1 will have a great deal of work to do in leveraging the now tarnished brand, especially if it plans spin RideApart into viable new web products. Hopefully for them, the fourth time is a charm.

Source: RideApart

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