The Best Responses on the AMA/Johnnygate

07/23/2009 @ 7:22 pm, by Jensen Beeler2 COMMENTS


We woke up this morning to see the forums, twitter, and blog comments ablaze on Al Ludington and Johnny Rock Page’s discourse from Mid-Ohio. Out of these comments we see a clear divide on where people stand on the issue of backmarkers, the rules of AMA Pro Superbike, the managing of AMA roadracing, and the comments made by our two protagonists.

So, we thought we’d post some of the more interesting, and to the point comments made by people from both sides. Read’m after the jump.

@MatMladin: You overwelmingly asked for my opinion on this one. Al Ludington’s approach to “Johnny Dick Head” was mild. I would have head butted him!

@ducatinewstoday: NASBIKE is exactly it. “Dude you’re interfering with the show”. ┬áNaive me, I thought it was a freaking race

@MsXXFAST: Not being “it” is what irritates me. Everyone counts.

OldTLSDoug: Al was the guy homolgating the Buell, makes that look a little sleazier now, huh?

@ShenziRubani: for sure Page screwed up racing, Al was right…whatabout JRP U don’t call that disgraceful? I think there were lot of disgraceful comments across pits until late that day

KimDN: Last time I “moved over” for the guys lapping me, this is what happened…[picture]…I left room on the inside, but Yates decided to try a cool move on the outside and took me out. Wasn’t so cool…sure made for a cool picture though. JRP did the right thing by ‘holding his line’.

@motogpblog: JRP vs AL: Terrible riding from JRP, but AL’s outburst is unacceptable. Fine the guy, no need for the verbals.

@motogptalk: Re: JRP vs. AL, it’s not that cut-and-dry. There are arguments on both sides, although there is no excuse for the way AL acted.

Leave your comments below if you want to weigh in.

  • Tiller13

    yep JRP screwed up that race but no need to disrespect the man lil Al…usually when people bark that loud its because they have no teeth to bite…

  • Fernando Ortega UTAH ama privateer team tech

    Al was totally wrong, lapped rider holds his line, thats it, book says it, every racing school teaches it that way, dont move dont look back, hold your line, it seems to me that JRP was right, AL WAS WRONG. The way he reacted, the way he behaved in an open section were people can have acces to, very unprofessional, i dont know were this organization is going but i have a very good idea, about the show F#%& your show its a damn race you jackass, IT IS A RACE.