Trailer: Quick

05/24/2011 @ 10:46 am, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

We can’t tell if South Korean film Quick is going to be amazing, or horrible, or horribly amazing, but the trailer certainly has us intrigued. Launching under the title Fast in the United States (yes, we too have no clue why the title needed changing for the American market), Quick is about…well, we have no clue…but it looks like there’s a motorcycle in it, so that’s a start.

Our guess is that our protagonist is named Fast, and he does things really fast-like on his fast motorcycle, which is named Quick. Uggh..this article is going downhill rapidly (see what I did there). Just watch the trailer after the jump, and leave your best guesses as to the plot structure in the comments section.

Source: Twitch via MCN

  • An hour and a half of S1000RR hooning would get my $9.

  • buellracerx

    aptly named considering the starring bike…just hope it isn’t a Korean reiteration of “Torque”

    I’m guessing Korean Jason Statham riding around really fast battling some evil organization, possibly the government, ultimately winning over some girl by virtue of his ninja-like riding abilities.

  • So if the movie is going to feature an S1000RR with OEM exhaust, why’s the title screen show a crappy old CBR F2 with a D&D (crappy Texan) exhaust?!?!? Odd…..

  • Tom

    This definitely looks worth every penny of an online streaming site. Meh…..

  • Dave

    Looks dumb. Another movie with ridiculously unrealistic stunts and too much CGI.
    I’d probably go see it.

  • Trev

    Tlied to pray the pleview, auto rinked to a game site…
    Maybe made in North Korea?
    (Does Hyosung really mean “get fit pushing”?)

    If anyone wants to see a GREAT Korean film, see “Old Boy” (Oldeuboi)
    You’ll be hard pressed to get more action than that…

  • scatterbrained

    That immediately made me think Street Hawk,
    which was probably better. Regardless, I will likely watch it as it has motorcycles and from what I can see a few hot asian women as well; therefore as a young american male I am obligated to see this film.

  • Shawn

    There’s a bomb strapped to the bike, and if the tangential velocity of the rear wheel drops below 55 mph it blows up?

  • ML

    I’m totally going to watch this… I waste $9+ on crappy lunches all the time, so its no big deal if its a bust. Luckily, I’m fluent in Korean so thats a bonus.

  • The original inspiration for the phrase “Bomb It”.