Pro Italia Online Sold to AMS Ducati Dallas

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Though the announcement is only going public today, Pro Italia Online was sold to AMS Ducati at the end of last year, on December 31, 2015.

The news is a big deal in the world of Ducatisti, as Pro Italia’s online store is one of the largest online retailers for Ducati parts in the United States.

Therefore, its movement from one top Ducati dealership (Pro Italia in Glendale, CA) to another (AMS Ducati in Dallas, TX) is tectonic shift in the retail power found in Ducati’s online landscape.

The good news is that both dealerships have excellent reputations in Ducati circles, and often vie for being the top-selling Ducati dealership in North America.

AMS Ducati owners Jeff Nash is well known in racing circles, both because of Nash’s reputation as six-time national champion and for the shop’s work building race bikes. AMS Ducati also has a strong reputation for working on older and vintage Ducati models.

It will be interesting to see how this purchase of the online store benefits AMS Ducati going forward, and it will also be interesting to see where Pro Italia Online majority partners Anthony Creek and Bob Berkow land now that their store has been sold.

Source: Pro Italia Online

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