Polaris Acquires Swissauto Powersports Division

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Polaris Industries Inc. announced today that it has acquired the powersports division of Swissauto, which made it’s fame making GP engines in the 1990’s. The move according to Polaris will allow the company to strengthen its global and vehicle design capabilities, while also bolstering the company’s European presence. Swissauto was founded in 1987 and in a short span of time won 29 races, 41 poles, and 3 World Championships with its two-stroke, V4, 500GP motor.

“Swissauto has industry leading powertrain design and development capabilities and a strong understanding of turbo-charging and high-performance engines,” said Polaris Chief Executive Officer, Scott Wine. “This acquisition directly supports our stated objectives to be the best in powersports and a global market leader.”

Polaris acquired only the powersports portion of Swissauto, which will continue to operate at its current facility in Burgdorf, Switzerland. The automotive division of Swissauto was not involved in this acquisition and will continue to operate autonomously from the powersports division.

Source: Polaris