NBC has announced its cast for the next installment of Celebrity Apprentice, the game show where b-list celebrities supplicate themselves to the marrow-sucking Donald Trump (it’s actually great television if you’ve never caught an episode). Joining a cast comprised of Adam Carolla, Arsenio Hall, Clay Aiken, Tia Carrere, and others, Celebrity Apprentice will also see Orange County Choppers’ Paul Teutul Sr. take on the challenges of Mr. Trump.

While most of the contestants will be vying for Hollywood redemption, all of Trumps’ apprentices will also be playing for a charity of their choosing. Accordingly, Paul Sr. will play for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which grants children with life-threatening diseases a wish of their choosing. Set to premiere on February 12th, we can’t wait to see how Paul Sr. handles working with Star Trek’s George Takei or Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller. Check the date. No this is not a dream. Yes, this is really happening.

Source: NBC via Motorcycle.com

  • Puck laid the foundation for reality show asses, then Richard Hatch morphed it into the ratings drawing villain. Teutul Sr. needs to thank those 2 for getting him reality TV work.

  • Hope he gets “FIRED!!” Arrogant jerk treats his kids like garbage… If he was my Dad i don’t think i would speak to him either especially after he picked Jesse James 1990’s bike over his own kid’s bike.. whatever happened to being proud of your kid???

  • irksome

    Great, another opportunity for this steroid-sucking shrunken-testicled rage-aholic media-whore to stay in the spotlight.

    When the hell will the Teutul Family’s 15-minutes be up?

  • Will

    This isnt newsworthy. C’mon a&r…

  • Richard Gozinya

    Is it going to involve Donald’s hair in a battle with Teutul’s moustache?

  • Mike

    I personally can’t wait until he snaps and tries to hurl something at another “Celebrity”