Have You Ever Wanted to Own a Race Track in Oregon?

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Have you ever wanted to own your own race track? Do you have $10 million burning a hold in your pocket? Then we have a deal for you, as the Oregon Raceway Park (ORP) in Grass Valley, Oregon is for sale.

The 2.34-mile road course has multiple configurations and can be run in either direction. Sitting on a 434-acre plot of land (100 acres are still undeveloped), there is plenty of room for growth, which might be a good idea considering the lack of facilities present at the circuit and its remote location.

Roughly two hours from Portland, Oregon Raceway Park is one of two road courses in the Beaver State, and its track layout is tight, technical, and challenging (there are 16 turns and 400 feet of elevation each lap).

According to the listing for the track, it includes amenities for modern restrooms with showers, an aid room for EMT use, two-pump / two-tank above-ground fueling station, paved paddock and pre-grid areas, and a 12-bay garage building. There is also a fire protection storage and hydrant system in place.

The Achilles heel to ORP has always been its location, however, as things get rather remote east of Portland. Add to that the fact that Portland itself has a race in its city limits, and one can see why ORP has struggled to lure people out to the high desert.

However, looking at the success case of Chuckwalla Valley Raceway, which overcame a similar issue of remoteness, and its once lack of facilities, one can see how a “if you build it, they will come” perspective could work with ORP.

One thing is for certain, there is no one there to complain about the noise.

Source: LoopNet

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