It looks like folks at Orange County Choppers will try their hand at a different type of twin in addition to their already existing custom chopper line. Paul Sr. in conjunction with Ducati North America have announced that OCC will be opening up a Ducati dealership in upstate New York called Ducati Hudson Valley. The venture comes as OCC celebrates its 10 year anniversary, and will be one of Ducati’s first Ducati Retail Design Projects.


 To celebrate OCC’s 10th anniversary, the Teutuls will be giving the OCC treament to a new custom L-twin-powered Monster 1100 that will be featured on an upcoming episode of American Chopper on TLC. Ducati Hudson Valley’s showroom will be the very first of Ducati’s Retail Design Projects to highlight new elements from Ducati’s visual corporate identity, which include custom-made bike stands incorporating graphics tailored to specific motorcycles such as an 848 on a race track or riding a Monster 1100 through curvy mountain roads.

You can find the new dealership at:

Ducati Hudson Valley
14 Crossroads Ct
Newburgh, NY 12550-5064

Just don’t expect Paul Jr. to be there.

Source: Autoblog

  • Jo Momma

    What a joke.

  • Mandingo

    Whats next, custom toilet seats?

  • This maybe even sillier:

  • Rod

    Guys any one old enough to remember the show “The Life of Riley”?
    The Star William bendix had a tag line….

    “What a revolting development”
    that is all

  • Paul Sr.
    my husband and I think you are great, watch you every afternoon. I am emailing you for my husband, he is disabled. His dream was to buy a Harley after the kids got done with college. Their all through college and married. But my husband got hurt 10 years ago, with a back injury. He has had several surgeries, now he couldn’t ride a two wheel Harley, nor can we afford it. He could drive a Harley trike, if in any way you could help him. Do you have any contest? he could enter,or anything. I would love to make his dream come true, he has been through so much. Our income is less than $18,000 a year, it is very hard to live on.
    Well Thank you for your time

  • paul sr. is a piece of shit and in my opinion should be shot in the face for being such a fucked up father!!! anybody with half a brain and functional vision could see that paulie was completely unappreciated-

    what a fucking joke that sad old man is… what a great legacy to leave a son who’s designs are what sky rocketted OCC into the lime light>

    I GUARANTEE that paul sr. had nothing to do with designing the True Blue bike in 1999!!! what a fucking scumbag and absolute horror of a human being