Oklahoma Motorcyclists Will Pay a $3 Safety Fee Starting November 1st

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Starting this November, Oklahoma riders will have to start paying a $3 fee that helps fund motorcycle safety in the OK State. The tax will be added to existing registration fees, and affects new bikes and their renewals.

While the Oklahoma Advisory Committee for Motorcycle Safety and Education will decided how the funds are used, it’s under the presumption that revenue generated from the tax will be spent on safety advertising and promotion.

Despite the hit to the wallet, the Daily Oklahoman says that riders in Oklahoma aren’t complaining about the increased registration costs.

Talking to the Daily Oklahoman, Tony Maxey, the owner of Maxey’s Cycles in Oklahoma City said, “you get people who have never ridden before, have some extra money and want to spend it on a bike. They want the fastest bike they can get. I always ask them about their level of experience first. But when it comes down to it, as a dealer, I sell it to them.”

Unabashed capitalism aside, would you support your state tacking on extra fees for increased funding to rider safety programs?