Starting this November, Oklahoma riders will have to start paying a $3 fee that helps fund motorcycle safety in the OK State. The tax will be added to existing registration fees, and affects new bikes and their renewals.

While the Oklahoma Advisory Committee for Motorcycle Safety and Education will decided how the funds are used, it’s under the presumption that revenue generated from the tax will be spent on safety advertising and promotion.

Despite the hit to the wallet, the Daily Oklahoman says that riders in Oklahoma aren’t complaining about the increased registration costs.

Talking to the Daily Oklahoman, Tony Maxey, the owner of Maxey’s Cycles in Oklahoma City said, “you get people who have never ridden before, have some extra money and want to spend it on a bike. They want the fastest bike they can get. I always ask them about their level of experience first. But when it comes down to it, as a dealer, I sell it to them.”

Unabashed capitalism aside, would you support your state tacking on extra fees for increased funding to rider safety programs?

  • jeff_williams

    Usually I’d say no to extra fees but current registration is so low in MN ($10) that $3 tacked on for safety programs sounds nice. I’d also be for mandatory safety programs (like the MSF course) for new riders.

  • Steveo

    i would if it meant free riders safety courses (the one you need to take to get your license) also they could bump up the penalty for riding without a license. I rode 7 years without an endorsement because the 100.00 safety course was more than the 35.00 ticket. It could also fund better recognition via advertising that bikers are nice people sometimes.

  • jeff_williams

    Great point Steveo. The $3 should go towards free/reduced fee courses.

  • Steve Casta

    The MSF course is free in PA. More states should get on board with that sort of opportunity.

  • Odie

    I would totally pay $3 to subsidize a rider course that all new riders have to attend.

  • John

    Like the posters on this article, I would be more than happy to help out the MSF with 3 bucks. However, I disagree that it should be mandatory. Riding safe is your responsibility and yours alone. This true for whether you decide to take a riders course, wear a helmet, or close the bar down and ride home, these are all your choice, and I feel it should remain that way. I would be really miffed if I had to put off riding (legally) for season just because the riding course was full.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am for educating new riders, I just don’t want it be mandated.

  • Sean

    I’ve heard there’s some really excellent riding in Oklahoma. Lotta canyons to carve.

  • Tom

    As a kid, I went to hunter safety classes. Anything to make riders safer so we don’t have to listen to that lie “loud pipes save lives” anymore because more people will actually know how to ride is all great.

  • Sounds good and three bucks isn’t a big bit *but* I really wonder if it will be used for its intended purpose?

  • Bjorn

    I’m stunned. Jeff, you pay $10 registration for your motorcycle? Over here in Victoria, Australia I’m paying $400+. This includes a $50 safety levy for funding “motorcycle safety initiatives” such as giving the money to the police to purchase new BMW police bikes to enforce motorcycle speed compliance. The situation in other Australian states is not much better and in at least one state is much worse.
    When I go to pay my rego they don’t even offer to buy me a drink before they fuck me.

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  • Sean

    Bjorn does that $400 include compulsory third party insurance though?
    Here in NSW rego is about $100 but compulsory third party insurance can add as much as $400+ depending on what you ride.

    Rider safety programs are one of the many things we pay tax for. Having to pay extra for the govt to do their job properly is unacceptable. You guys in VIC are being screwed with that safety levy.

  • Bjorn

    Hi Sean,

    Third party is not compulsory in Vic. the $400 is just rego.
    I’ve gone back to school to do a degree. As a student, I’ve got a health care card, but I don’t get the same discount on my rego that I’d get if I drove a car. Darling wife and I are now both students and we pay the same to register my 750 as her Landcruiser. I’m not that fussed about the discount; it helps, but it feels like discrimination against me ‘cos I ride.
    Back in the ’30s my grandfather, like many at that time, rode a bike because it was a good way to save money. Now the Govt. makes it as expensive as possible, despite the lower impact on the roads and environment.

    I’ll stop ranting now.

  • Minibull

    Man, thats tough as.
    Its kinda similar here in NZ. 12 months rego here for my FZR250 is $405. If you have a 600cc or over, its $517. Not including any insurance either.
    There was a big price increase in the last year for ACC levys. They blamed bikers for a huge amount of the accident claims, so they raised the levy by a crazy amount. ACC is meant to be blame free here…ridiculous
    We pay that extra amount, and what do we get? Shitty, pot-holed, gravel/grit covered roads, “cheesecutter” road barriers and cops that ping you for speeding if your over the limit by 3kph.
    Some of the roads are nice, but coming across umarked fresh roadworks midcorner is not nice.