November BMW Sales Up 3.9% – Husqvarna Down 28.4%

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BMW Motorrad’s November sales numbers are in, and they show that the German company is still chugging away at a very strong sales year in 2011. Already surpassing the company’s figures from 2010 by 6.1% (which was no slouch of a year for BMW, we might add), BMW has 100,054 units already under its belt for this year. Moving 6,112 units in November, BMW’s sales are up 3.9% over those from November 2010, which continues the German brand’s strong growth in 2011.

BMW Motorrad, along with most of the European motorcycle brands, have enjoyed relatively positive figures throughout 2011 and in the previous recession. One of the more glaring exceptions to that statement however is Husqvarna. Selling 1,181 units last month, Husqvarna is down 28.4% when compared to November 2010. And for the year as a whole, Husky is down 22.5% compared to 2010, selling only 7,956 units YTD.

The paltry sales figures are perhaps the largest driving force behind the BMW Group’s push to have Husqvarna enter the on-road sector. While the business case for bikes like the Husqvarna Nuda 900 and Husqvarna Strada is fairly straight forward, the actual successful execution of that plan remains to be seen. We’ll have to wait and see how the Nuda and Strada sell to get a true gauge on the success of Husqvarna’s transformation, though from our vantage point the process leaves us a bit wanting.

Husqvarna Nuda 900:

Husqvarna Strada:

Source: BMW Group