One of our guilty pleasures here at Asphalt & Rubber is the Discovery Channel’s television show MythBusters, which is coincidentally also shot in A&R‘s stomping grounds of the San Francisco Bay Area. We’re a fairly nerdy bunch here, what with our interwebs, social networks, and weblogs, so the show’s exploration of science through absurdity and heavy handed explosions fits right in with our day-to-day ideals (one Kari Byron certainly doesn’t hurt things either).

On the other side of the coin, we love us some motorcycles here at A&R (this much should be apparent by now). So when we heard that the MythBusters crew would be tackling some of Newton’s finer points on the Laws of Motion by recreating one of motorcyclings great moments this year: The BMW S1000RR Table Cloth Trick, we were pumped. Throw in an EBR-worked Buell 1125R into the mix with a Hyneman on-board, and let the learning begin. Tune in tomorrow night (Wednesday 9PM PDT/EDT) to see if this myth gets busted or confirmed. The original video from BMW is after the jump. Thanks for the tip Doctor Jelly!

Source: Discovery Channel (YouTube)

  • I’m calling shenanigans:

    1) the bike they’re using is not the S1000rr, though i’m sure they’ll say ‘we tuned this bike to match the power of the s1000rr blah blah blah’

    2) The trailer at the end of the clip reveals the outcome of the test – it failed

  • Aj

    They aren’t using the BMW. A Buell isn’t even close. If they are going to use anything other than the BMW, they need something with launch control.

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  • Rob

    if anything the torque buell’s twin should be able to better pull off this trick than the bmw’s 4cyl from a standstill…or so it seems that way.

  • kreek

    It’s not a BMW, and Jamie is not a professional rider. If they wantes to truely bust this myth, both would be required.

  • Tom

    The commercial is CLEARLY digitally enhanced. Duh people.

  • Bat

    Tom, of course it is… The point is Mythbusters aint doing it the same – any wheelspin on launch renders the experiment useless, as does putting Jamie on the bike, and of course the type of bike itself. I’m surprised these ‘Scientists’ are recreating the myth in such a half-arsed way, the only thing that’s similar is the tableware!

  • Jobie


  • Blake

    Giving a quarter-mile head start on the rope before pulling should have taken away any bike performance issue. That pull had more of a jerk to the table cloth than the BMW bike did. Their last test with coating the table cloth duplicated the results pretty much exactly like the BMW video.

  • steveo

    Hey Blake, didn’t know if you watched it last night forgot to text you. Ready for the race this weekend???