MV Agusta Debuts Auto-Clutch Tech for Sport Bikes

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The concept of an auto-clutch is nothing new, and for dirt bike riders, products like those produced by Rekluse are virtually common place. But, on the sport bike side of things, the use and adoption of this technology is still relatively young.

We have seen scooters and other small-displacement machines use continuously variable transmission (CVT) technology before, and Honda is currently proudly touting its dual-clutch transmission (DCT) on several of its models, the latest being the new Honda Gold Wing, but what about the rest of the market?

Today we see that MV Agusta is the first brand to strike back in this space, debuting its “Smart Clutch System” (SCS) – an automatic clutch designed with sport bikes in mind, making it an option on the marque’s MV Agusta Turismo Veloce Lusso sport-tourer.

See what it has achieved off-road, it is not surprising to learn that MV Agusta developed the Smart Clutch System with Rekluse, partnering with the American brand to develop its Radius CX clutch for a sport-bike application.

Promising a clutch that won’t stall when you launch the bike forward, the Smart Clutch System is a simpler solution than CVT or DCT, for those looking to get rid of their clutch lever.

In a sport-touring application, SCS promises to be an added luxury as well, especially when coupled to MV Agusta’s up/down quickshift system.

Debuting first on the the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS motorcycle, we can expect to see MV Agusta’s auto-clutch on other models, most likely first on the other three-cylinder machines.

Right now, the SCS option adds €700 euros to the price tag of the Turismo Veloce Lusso.

Source: MV Agusta