MV Agusta F3 675 Will Cost $13,495 in the USA

11/03/2011 @ 8:02 am, by Jensen Beeler48 COMMENTS

MV Agusta has made it no secret that it plans on bringing more affordable motorcycles to its product line-up, as the Italian company has simply no choice but to increase its production volume in a bid to attain profitability. Introducing more affordable versions of its already existing models like the MV Agusta F4R & MV Agusta Brutale R 1090, the 2012 MV Agutsa F3 675 and soon-to-be-debuted MV Agusta Brutale 675 are the first bottom-up new modesl to carry this ethos for the Italian brand.

Originally concieved during Harley-Davidson’s tenure and ownership of the iconic motorcycle company, the MV Agutsa F3 was designed to be an affordable supersport machine that would help boost sales to the 10,000 unit goal mark. Originally hoped to be a €9,000 machine at that 10,000 unit volume figure, the strengthening of the euro in world markets, a diminishing  of the European sport bike market, and the likely firmer understanding of actual production costs have caused that price figure to settle a bit more upstream with a €11,990 price point.

Though still more expensive than was originally communicated by the Italian company, the MV Agusta F3 675 is priced very competitively against its closest rival, the Triumph Daytona 675, especially in the European markets. How that price would translate to other markets remained to be seen though, but Bill Nation from Pro Italia Motorcycles tipped us off in our comments section that the 2012 MV Agusta F3 675 will retail with a $13,495 MSRP, while the 2012 MV Agusta F3 Serie Oro will retail with a $27,900 price tag.

With the Triumph Daytona 675 costing $10,499, the MV Agusta F3 will command more of a premium in the US market, and closes in on the Japanese superbike price point. Still with traction control and a ride-by-wire throttle coming standard, and wheelie control, launch control, and an electronic quick-shifter as optional items, the 2012 MV Agusta F3 675 is set to be an exciting entry into the supersport market. After a bevy of delays and the old “MV Agusta limited edition” trick, we’re still a bit dubious about when the MV Agusta F3 will actually come to market, though dealers in the US are being told to expect the MV Agusta F3 Serie Oro in March (less than 30 of the 200 Serie Oro machines will come to the USA), with the base model F3 expected closer to April.

Source: Pro Italia Motorcycles

  • Tim

    Do you know if the F3 Oro serie is going to come with the Electronics package as standard equipment rather than optional equipment?

    Also can you please clarify if the $13,495 MSRP F3 Standard, will electronics component be sold À la carte?

  • Surya De

    Awesome price. I think the Daytona R is priced the same as this since my friend paid 14k for his.

  • MikeD

    All those options should be “no cost options”…. when ur asking superbike money for a 600ish class bike … no, i don’t care if it’s an MV Agusta or a Chinesse Ninja 250 Knock Off … it just doesn’t feel right.

    An then having to pay more for additional parts to unlock what already there i can’t use unless i surrender more $$$ to them ? Suddenly that $13,495 MSRP doesn’t sound “so-so” anymore.

    Do i need glasses or this thing doesn’t even have ABS as an option ?

    Maybe 12k but not almost 14k … and maybe they’ll crank it up a bit more from here to April.

    I have no brand loyalty, i just wan’t the most bike(shits and giggles) for my hard earned dollars.

    P.S: This thing is been “flapped” around so many times now that is just doesn’t have that “new bike flavor” anymore … if u know what i mean.

  • ducman1198

    Nice bike but who really wants to pay 14k for a 675??? I have never been able to understand, for the life of me, why the prices of bikes are so high, who really can afford them! This and other articles read like this is supposed to be a “respectable” price…are they serious…REALLY???

    Did they forget there is a GLOBAL RECESSION going on???

    I remember when 1000cc bikes cost $10,999.00 and 600cc bikes were $8500.00. That was only a few years ago! Now a GSXR600 is 10k and the average 1000 is 14k??? That’s highway robbery!!!

    Ducati, Honda and Kawasaki have it right. There best sellers are not their class leading liter bikes, its the Ninja 250, CBR250, and the Monster 696 all below 8k and anyone can afford them. Especially the 250’s! Kawasaki and Honda cant make them fast enough! And who wouldn’t have a NEW Ducati for $6,999.00 that fantastic!

    You can get a Ducati 1198 for 14k and its a 1200cc exotic superbike!

    Why would u drop that kind of cash on a 675??

    I have an RC51 i purchased NEW for 10,999 in 2006. It doesn’t have all of the electronics gizmo’s today’s bikes have but in 06 that was the most expensive bike Honda sold. You could get a NEW 06 CBR1000R for 9,999.00 and its not too much off the current model. So how do manufactures justify there crazy prices? I know everyone is going to say TC, & electronics, but that BS! Who REALLY needs TC unless your a racer?

    My RC is more bike then ill ever need even without all of the electronics!

    I see why Suzuki didn’t export many the 2011 GSXR1000’s to the US because no one could afford them and they still had a ton of 2010 still sitting in inventory!

    I can speak for anyone but myself but 14k is a lot of money for a bike! I for one refuse to pay that kind of money for a bike let alone a 675 no matter who makes it!

    No wonder manufactures are struggling, they pricing their products beyond the reach of today’s average consumer.

  • MikeD

    @ Ducman1198:

    I already see the lines “we” are gonna get from “the others” (MV Fan Boys):

    1) This bike is not for you.

    2) If u had to ask then u can’t afford it.

    3) ? LOL.

    “MV Agusta has made it no secret that it plans on bringing more affordable motorcycles to its product line-up”

    MV Agusta … try HARDER.

  • 76

    If this bike can somehow showup at the races and automatically be up in the running they will have a winner, I think the key to this class in the states and this bike in particular (other than the already sold MV fanboys) will be if it has legs to race on and can be reliable, somehow I’m thinking thats a tall order

  • While I have no MV fan-boy credentials, (I own Suzukis and a KTM) I for one am excited about what the MV Agusta F3 675 brings to the market. I do not disagree with the posters above that this bike is not a bargain, but what it does offer is a no-holds barred assault on the middleweight class. It is all about showing what is possible in terms of fresh sheet of paper chassis, engine and factory electronics sophistication. As a club racer I would love to ride this bike in C super-stock because in theory it offers a very competitive package in terms of power to weight, suspension tunability and effective electronic aids. I’m not able to use all the power a modern literbike puts out anyway so I’d rather race in a class for lower displacement/power and I certainly prefer a smaller, lighter bike for riding enjoyment. Even if I were only to use the bike on the street and at track days, it has all the power I am likely to be able to use, and promises to be very flickable and it looks like THAT. (I could go on about the heritage of Agostini’s GP wins on historic MV triples but that would just be a fanboy argument.) So, that is the justification why I would pay liter-bike money for an ultra-sophisticated, and undeniably appealing middleweight bike.

  • ducman1198


    If i HAD to spend 14k for a bike this would not even make my list.

    Price wise this bike competes with every jap liter bike, ZX14, Busa, S1000R & 1198. Why would a consumer pass all of those ass stomping machines for a 675???


    MV has been MIA for years in road racing with the exception of the one off year stint in AMA SBK with Luca Scassa. If MV was serious about racing in any world or domestic series with this 675, they would have mentioned, teams, riders, and sponsors a long time ago.

    So win on Sunday sell on Monday isn’t going to happen!

    Besides why would a team invest all that money into an unproven package when Triumph, Honda, and Kawasaki have proven machines not to mention Chaz won the WSS title on a R6 that was sitting in storage for a year lol!!!

    This bike is going to be a flop!

  • Richard Gozinya

    That’s an expensive track toy. In that price range there’s more fun and versatile options.

  • Wil

    “You can get a Ducati 1198 for 14k and its a 1200cc exotic superbike!”
    “Price wise this bike competes with every jap liter bike, ZX14, Busa, S1000R & 1198. Why would a consumer pass all of those ass stomping machines for a 675???”

    None of those bikes you mentioned have any appear to me. I’m not looking for a litre bike +.

    This one does. Bash the price all you want, but I’m going to enjoy my F3.

    We all don’t want the same machine (thank heavens!) Enjoy your ride.

  • R-Dog

    The very idea that this bike was EVER going to be a €9000 machine was absolutely preposterous. Who was kidding who? Did MV ever actually make that claim, or was it just wishful thinking by a few motorcycle hacks?

    The quoted price seems more realistic, but it’s still a more expensive than a 600 class machine could reasonably be marketed for in any worthwhile numbers. The fact that more expensive and impressive bikes are on the market means it won’t sell to wealthy owners seeking some kind of ultimate penis extension, nor will it be bought by anybody intersted in spec-sheet performance who can spend the same on a 1000. Or anyone on a budget. Or race teams that aren’t factory backed. Or anybody seeking reliability. In fact, the only reason I can see for owning one is exclusivity.

    Got to agree with ducman1198. It has “lemon” written all over it, regardless of whther it turns out to be the best in class or not.

  • TwoWheelSlide

    $13,495 is expensive? More like expensive-ish. This isn’t some run-of-the-mill Ducati folks, it is a premium brand motorcycle with a shoddy dealer network and a long racing history…so long in fact it’s hard to remember their last major win.

    I mostly agree with 76, unless this thing destroys the competition on the track I can’t really see it doing well at this price point. However, this motorcycle does have one major ace up its sleeve…it is absolutely breathtaking to look at.

  • Ken C.

    I was excited about this bike, but not at $13,495.

    I get that MV Agusta is a premium brand, but in this economy, they’re not going to survive charging that much for a 675. It’s just too much.


  • RSVDan

    While many of you may not see the appeal of this bike or agree with it’s pricing, there are many others that see things differently. We already have the majority of our F3 allotment pre-sold, including two Oro’s. We have done very, very well with Daytona 675R’s as well, so there is most definitely a market for premium middle weights, regardless of what some may think.

  • Ken C.

    @RSVDan I’m glad to hear that. I’d hate to see the MV Agusta name disappear due to lack of sales. I guess I’ll have to dig through my couch for some spare change or hope that they lower the price a little over time.

  • ducman1198

    John Paul Jose-

    Admit it dude your a fan boy lol! your post sounds like typical PR propaganda lol! Yes MV has a great history but the problem with that is, its still history! They haven’t done anything serious in 10 years!

    What they did in GP’s in the 70’s has jack to do with today!

    I race WERA so i know about amateur racing and i guarantee almost every racer will take a ZX6, R6 or CBR600 over your MV and smoke it on the track every time! And my spares will be 3 time cheaper then yours and easier to find.


    Enjoy your overpriced middle weight when everyone will have a cheaper thoroughbred 1000. That is a heavy price to pay for a polished 675 that a CBR will probably smoke! You must have no kids, no mortgage, and deep pockets to afford this overpriced Daytona.


    Have to disagree with u, last i checked, Ducati is a Premium Brand! Theres nothing run of the mill about anything they make. It just so happens MV is more expensive, but not better. If MV was such a great manufacturer they wouldn’t have so many problems selling units, trying to stay out of bankruptcy and stop changing owners every few years.

    Just because a girl is beautiful but broke as hell doesn’t make her a good woman. It make her a pretty girl and you’ll be the one paying the bill for her.

    This bike is going to be a commercial flop!

  • R-Dog


    Mind if I ask if the customers that pre-ordered your F3’s knew the actual $13,495 retail price before ordering, or were orders based on an assumed 9000 Euro price as was expected?

  • ducman1198


    First of all the word “Premium” is just a pretty word for over priced. Unless you have a solid and faithful following like Lamborghini & Ferrari which both have a pedigree of racing history past and present, in F1 and Le-mans your “Premium” market is going to be small and extremely limited.

    Companies are about sales and being profitable. So no matter how pretty your product is, its pointless if only a choice few can afford it! Thats why the Jap manufactures & BMW are mega companies and MV is an after thought!

    Even Ducati who is small by comparison is still leaps and bounds a better company then MV! If it had not been for smart planning and an affordable monster line, there wouldn’t be any D16’s or superbikes.

    If this bike is MVs attempt to “appeal” to the common man and sell units, this is a POOR EFFORT!!!

    So Ken C has it right, keep looking for the spare change because MV is going to need it when that go back into chapter 11 or get purchased again.

  • Faust

    Wow, did that guy just say that Ducati isn’t a premium brand? Not only is the 848/1198 the best looking bike on the market right now, but they have been getting more and more affordable while providing more and more options. I value bikes for what they do, not what they are. I’m going to reserve judgement on this F3 until I see some hard numbers. The only people who are going to buy this bike are people who are willing to pay an absurd price just to have something that nobody has.

    You can’t seriously charge S1000RR money for a bike like this and expect people to buy it. Sure there’s a group of people out there with enough money to throw some away on a bike that is slower than anything else in it’s price point, but there’s not going to be enough people willing to do that to keep this company going. The new GSX-R 750 is a much better value than this for much less money.

  • akatsuki

    RSV4 APRC for me. Thanks.

    This is a sad joke, and a sad testament to companies that don’t know Drucker’s deadly business sin #3.

  • Shaitan

    Pretty, but still too pricey and this model is breaking the MV tradition, so it’ll probably have little resale value.

  • G.Irish

    For all the people pissing and moaning about the price, fine, it’s not for you. There are people who would be willing to pay $13500 for something that is sexy and unique. At the end of the day, what is the price difference between this and a R6 or 600R? $4000? Big deal.

    Ducati moves plenty of 1198’s even though it is more expensive than the Japanese bikes by about the same margin and certainly isn’t faster than the best from Japan, stock for stock. Not to mention that an 1198 doesn’t have the same level of fit, finish, and reliability as a 1000RR for instance (although it’s much closer than it used to be).

    Sure, $13500 makes the F3 as expensive as a 1000, but not everyone wants a 1000. Same deal with the 848.

    I’m just curious to see what, if any, of the electronic gadgets are included in the base price.

  • aaron

    ROTFL at just about every comment so far…

    Ducati is no longer premium. look at the declining prices and raising numbers. or just go back and read the 1198 intro press that went something like “new superbike $5k less than 999” these days ducati is more a two wheeled porsche rather than ferrari. (still a fanboy, but when monsters became popular “beginners bikes” like a dressed up sv650/gladius, I had to admit Ducati had lost some of it’s luster)

    complaining at the rising costs of imported goods during a global recession? let’s see : currency fluctuations, reduced sales leading to higher per-unit costs, etc. the only way to reduce prices is to reduce features or the frequency of redesigns… and everyone wants that out of our toys, right?

    this fixation on price? throw a few rizoma bits and nice wheels on any supersport and you’re looking at similar price to the f3… only your bike still looks pedestrian and there’s a dozen of them wherever you go. plus the MV will still get stares 10-15 years down the road.

    I like the idea that we judge the bikes for what the do, not what they are… only I want an engaging bike that makes me smile whenever I ride it, or even think of it.

    BMW s1000rr? fast, but how the hell does it make such speed seem pedestrian? and it sounds like every second bike I’ve ever owned… I3, V4, crossplane crank, desmo twin all make me smile, but another inline 4? it’s like bmw wanted to fill the r1’s shoes when yamaha went all motogp with the “big bang”- crossplane motor. I can almost imagine someone BMW exclaiming “good news everybody! there’s one less standardised motor out there, so we don’t have to worry about market saturation anymore! if we give it a little more power than everyone else no one will notice that even troy corser can’t make it perform much better than a defunct malaysian bizarro-bike in WSBK!”

    the funny thing is, that BMW managed to make the motorhead in me go all tingly with a bloody tourer, but not their race rep. wonder how hard it would be to streetfighter the k1600? speed sexto….mmmm.

  • RJ

    I’ll wait until they are two years in, kinks ironed out. Then I’ll buy a clean used one!

    Seriously though, we are a spoiled bunch of brats we are. People got so used to getting so much motorcycle for the money that they now feel that $13K is too expensive for one of the most premium brand of motorcycles around.

    Did you really think that bikes would stay at 2005 prices forever?!? Like EVERYTHING ELSE MADE they are being priced according to current market values. People can’t see that the expensive and extremely complex electronic systems add to the price of a motorcycle?!? You think cause it’s software and not hardware it was free to develop?!? Yeah in 2006 a ZX10-R was $10k and made 150 honest hp. Now it’s $13K and has super advanced rider aids and almost makes 200hp. It’s called progress folks.

    But no, no you guys are all right. Supersport 600’s should stay at $8,500 and Superbike 1000’s should stay at $10,000… forever. Just because, well, whaaaaa I want it!

    Some people man….

  • Sentinel

    At least $1,000 overpriced IMO.

  • Ken C.

    I’m not convinced that the electronics package, although very nice, is worth the $4,000 premium. I guess you could argue that the Brembo brakes and top shelf engine internals would add to that premium, but MV Agusta better do a better job of convincing customers that there’s more to the increased price than a $4,000 traction control system.

  • MikeD

    LMAO, i leave for a little while and BOOM! goes this article with the crazy replies…
    It never gets OLD…i still get a kick of hearing people’s “different opinions”.

    C’mon man, give the thing first a chance to get out of the dealer’s door and into the streets/tracks and then if it truly is a LEMON…well, TUFF LUCK, bad news always fly so in no time we’ll see it’s true colors…let’s not put the wagon in front of the horses, ok… ? lol

    Another thing, one man’s Gold is another’s Trash…not all of us want “full size power and weight”… let’s not get heisty and greedy here … lol.

    Go easy on Wil, John Paul, RSVDan, G.Irish, RJ, Aaron and all the others who like this “2 wheeled-scalpel” because they also bring good points to the table about it.

    I for one im on the GLUTON side(1000cc +) when i can’t probably “use” more than 500cc…call me greedy and foolish but im still loving every minute with me STOMPING 2K3 SV1000N…hoping it never turns around and bite me in the butt for “induced rider error” (more like NO skills) LMAO.

  • Rob

    It’s as if people forget that it takes as much R&D money to design and build a competitive supersport class bike as it does a liter class bike. But people can’t justify the cost difference because “you can get a liter bike for that!!”. In the end, the people who are truly enjoying this bike for what it is and the way it makes them feel will make the decision whether or not $13.5k is worth the fun or not. To most who will actually ride it, it will be.

    All of those who say its waay over priced wouldn’t consider one even if it was 11k. You’ve already talked yourself out of it based on DISPLACEMENT alone which doesn’t mean shit. No one has even seen it yet, much less ridden it! Hard to pass judgement on something you’ve never got to ride to say how much you truly like/dislike it.

  • sburns2421

    If the bike is reliable and even close to the 600s and Triumph, it will sell. Just look at it. Just listen to it. The old cliche “sex on wheels” absolutely applies here. Unfortunately for MV however, there is a decent chance it will poach sales from the F4 more than any other single model in any showroom.

    MV doesn’t need to waste valuable resources attempting to race the bike. Just concentrate on making the best quality, most realible machines they can that look the way they do. People will buy them.

  • ML

    I’m so tempted to say something about “poor people complain too much about things that don’t really effect them” and tie it to the 99% movement, but then I’m sure I’d be called the “1%” or an ignorant asshole (and rightly so).

    Anyway, the bike costs what it costs… accept it.

  • MikeD

    @ ML: I bet u a Lama u won’t.

    ROTFL (^_^ ) True.

  • Sentinel

    Have you even heard how that engine sounds?

    It sounds like a bag of marbles were thrown into the case, it’s a grinding mess to the ears!

  • Sean in Oz

    MV Augusta exclusive! premium! ha ha ha

    You can buy a Ducati or MV ‘superbike’ for less than a family sedan and while they may be less common than a jap bike, Im guaranteed to see them every time I ride. Unlike something like a KTM RC8.

    That is NOT exclusive or premium.

    BTW Im sure MV will sell plenty of 675s.

  • RSVDan


    I believe the majority of the pre-orders are older than the price announcement, but we’ve not had a single person back out since the price was announced either.

    Another interesting thing to note; only one person who has a deposit down is a current MV owner. The only person who owns one is a collector who also owns an F4 Tamburini and will buying an F3 Oro. I don’t think the “Fan Boy” argument really flies here.

  • AC

    I actually think that’s not a bad price. It’s a beautiful bike, definitely worth the $4K premium over a Japanese rival in looks alone. And it’s on par for what you’d pay for an 848. $500 cheaper, in fact.

  • JCB

    This is large enough of a niche for them to sell through their production.

    The price point is justified. MV’s are a premium product. The pricing for the jap bikes are getting closer and closer which makes buying this or my beloved Ducati well worth the price.

    And to the squid who said Ducati is not premium? Check out my Duc 1198SP. 100% top shelf.

    Not satisfied. Well today is your day Joey Dunlop Jr…

    The bar just was raised again by… Drum roll… Ducati.

    1199 Panigale S

    That is as premium as you get sucka!

  • Silvio

    mv agusta f3 is beautiful.

    and still 5000 k cheaper than that ducati


  • Twisties

    I’m sorry but 99% of the people I know with liter bikes have no ability whatsoever to use all that power and don’t use their bike on tracks anyway. Not to mention your bike is two feet wide and horrible in traffic and at turning, etc.

    140 hp on a light bike like will feel like riding a rocket and no liter bike will keep up with it in the corners. Oh, and as a side note, the bike is FRIGGIN AWESOME LOOKING!!!! Worth every penny there is no doubt. Displacement does not equal price and for good reason.

  • ducman1198


    i paid my deposit for MV Agusta 675.

    i will tell my thoughts after i own it and drive it.

    maybe you guys were right.


  • well, i for one own 2 daytona 675s, they are a great bike, but “edgy” and “unrefined” dont get me worng i love both my 675s BUT i am getting one of these beautiful bikes. and i could care less about the price. i paid for mine in full 16,239.32 OTD with an extended warrenty for 7yrs.

  • Marc

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAA – Americans, got to love em…cubes cubes cubes!

    Just an FYI from a Cannuck over the pond in Switzerland.

    Ducati 848 Evo 19,990
    Honda 600rr 18,520
    MV Augusta F3 12,990

    If the weight it close or under the Honda, power equal or more then it sounds like a good price to me for what is shaping up to be a beautiful and wicked track oriented bike.

  • moosestang

    Funny how some are comparing it to the busa and zx14, which are nothing more than couches on wheels for fat guys that want to go fast, in a straight line mind you. I for one would pass right by those bikes even if they were less than the F3

  • moosestang

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAA – Canadians, got to hate them! Useless, except when it’s time to give their 2 cents.

  • Paul

    I for one am damn excited for this bike to come… Was never really a fan of MV… Bikes I have owned include, 748s , 749r, 05 aprilia rsvr factory, 2007 CBR 1000, currently 2011 gsxr 750 which I absolutely love. Having owned and tracked a CBR1000 the one thing I figured is that buying a bike that you cannot fully appreciate is more of a waste of money than buying and spending more on a bike that you can. How many of you are at the level of riding to fully appreciate many of the bikes you tout as “better alternative” to the f3? I for one am happy that MV is investing and innovating the class that I as a rider truly appreciate. I still hope that one day I can ride a litter bike like Rossi but till then, I will pay the 14k for the counter rotating crankshaft, the slipper clutches, the brembos, etc that they put on these exotic middleweights because I would spend that much on a jap 600 just to upgrade it to my liking. I see some folks comparing a hayabusa to this bike for heaven sake WTF???? You guys need to get on a race track maybe then you will appreciate something like the F3… I have left my deposit on this bike and am taking delivery in April, hope to see some of you

  • Paul

    on the track

  • MikeD


    Im so good on my litre bike that when Stoner is having a bad day he calls me on the phone and let it all hang out. LMFAO.

    Ego stroking and shit shooting aside, i too feel more times than less that i would have been better off with something smaller than 600cc and less than 400lbs wet, then again im 6.2ft and would feel/look like an elephant *&^% a football.
    Im not gonna lie here, the bike must be beauty on my eyes before it takes my $$$…and almost everything under the 600cc bar just looks SO SHITTY, CHEAP, PART’S BIN SPECIAL AND MEDIOCRE.

    Don’t forget to come back and tell us more about your lovely adquisition when u get your hands on it. Im dying to see someone trash one real hard on a track against “the other guys” and hear/see what he/she/they think of it.

  • Paul

    @ MikeD

    Will do MikeD. I will probably baby it a little on the track for the first few sessions.. I always tend to be a little more anal when my ish is brand new.. I’ll get over it and best believe this bike is going to get tested, if not by me, by a bunch of buddies who are licking their chops wanting to “test drive”… I have another buddy who just got a panigale that I can’t wait to test drive myself..

  • MikeD

    Poppy Corn in hand already waiting for it…lol…and as a side dish, do tell some about the fancy pants Panigale when the time comes for u.
    The new stuff and being careful…aahhh, don’t get me started…i get a “little” stupid about it sometimes and forget motorcycles are meant to be ridden and have a FOOKIN great time and are suposed to get worn here and there and one day completely replaced by an eve sharper tool(bike). (^_^)