MV Agusta Working on 350cc Twin-Cylinder Motorcycles

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In an exclusive interview with Asphalt & Rubber, MV Agusta CEO Timur Sardarov has revealed that the Italian motorcycle marque will release a lineup of 350cc twin-cylinder motorcycles.

The bikes will continue MV Agusta’s position as a premium motorcycle brand, but offer more opportunities for riders, not only in the Western markets, but in countries where smaller displacement motorcycles prevail.

“MV Agusta is entering the biggest relevant market in the world, which is 350c to 500cc,” Timur Sardarov revealed to Asphalt & Rubber

At the center of this plan is a new 350cc twin-cylinder engine, which will serve as a platform for several motorcycle models from the Italian brand.

“MV Agusta is going to embrace more lower displacement, high performance, in its technology,” said Sardarov. “We are coming up with a new 350cc engine, we have it, it’s a twin. So, we are going to have a two-cylinder 350cc.”

Sardarov did not elaborate further on what type of engine configuration MV Agusta R&D department has developed for this new platform, so fans of the brand will be left to debate whether it is a v-twin or parallel-twin configuration (our bets are on the latter).

What we do know from the Russian CEO is that the MV Agusta 350cc bikes will cost around €6,000 to €7,000 for the European market, and likely branch out from the usual sport-focused offering that we have seen from MV Agusta.

The goal with the 350 lineup is to appeal the MV Agusta brand to a wider range of age groups, with the 350cc bikes priced to be affordable to younger riders.

It is even possible we could see a 350cc model in an ADV or cruiser package, with Sardarov making it clear to us that the 350cc lineup would be geared more towards “every day use” for motorcyclists.

As such, we expect the 350cc lineup to include a wide range of model opportunities for the Italian brand, and the 350cc lineup is part of a plan to grow MV Agusta to a point where it is producing 25,000 motorcycles per year, in about five-years’ time.

We expect to see these new 350cc models to debut within the next two years, with the first example possibly arriving by EICMA next year.

Source: MV Agusta