Mugen Debuts V-Twin Engine Concept

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The Tokyo Motorcycle Show wrapped up this weekend, but the Mugen Shinden Nana isn’t the only surprise that the Japanese brand has in store for us. Mugen also debuted this interesting engine concept.

Mugen is pretty tight on details, but word out of Tokyo is that this is a 1,400cc, four-valve, air-cooled, push-rod motor design that Mugen is considering putting into production as a crate engine for bike builders, with a delivery date somewhere in 2020. 

For those with an eagle eye, and a strong sense of two-wheeled history, the engine shown here should remind you of another Mugen motorcycle project, the Honda Mugen MRV1000.

Designed to take a page out of the Vincent playbook of the time, the MRV1000 project was ultimately scrapped because of costs. Could it be though that Mugen is looking to revive the idea? Perhaps for the custom/tuner world? Time will tell.

It certainly would be interesting to see Mugen, or even Honda, getting into the heritage cruiser realm.

So far, such a play hasn’t worked out for the Japanese brands, but with a strong custom scene in Japan, maybe the times have changed.

Source: Mugen