Mugello MotoGP Grid Girl Casting Heats Up

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Choosing the right umbrella girl is a long and arduous process. It doesn’t have to be that way, but why would you want to rush through such a delightful process? And for the Italian GP at Mugello, the role of the umbrella girl is big business. After all, who doesn’t like a scantily clad women holding a canopoy more than the Italians? 

Getting ready for the GP this weekend, various teams have made a spectacle out of their “talent” search, with competitions and club events looking for Miss Right.

Jorge Lorenzo recently met two girls who won a contest from a local radio show in Milan, and well serve as his personal umbrella holders this weekend. Luisa Mearns and Stefania Cicirello will strut their stuff after winning the Milan competition, and help Jorge keep his cool, while teammate Rossi panders to the home crowd.

True to form, Randy DePuniet and LCR Honda’s owner Lucio Cecchinello will be choosing their Playboy Bunny grid girls in a casting call that’s going on in Florence today. Playboy Playmates and Bunnies will be there, sadly, Randy’s shirt hasn’t RSVP’d.

Not to be left-out, Pramac’s Niccolò Canepa and Mika Kallio will be choosing their grid girls at the Meccanò club, also in Florence, Italy.