Motus KMV4 Motor Will Be Available as a Crate Motor

08/10/2011 @ 12:02 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

Talking to Lee Conn when Motus was on its US tour here in California, the Motus founder revealed that part of Motus’s business plan incorporates selling the Katech-designed KMV4 motor as a crate motor for enthusiasts and tuners. Though the Motus MST motorcycles will be using a 1,645cc 160+ hp version of the gasoline direct injection (GDI) motor, Katech and Motus have left plenty of beef to the KMV4’s cyclinder housings, allowing the V4 lump to be bored out to a 2L displacement.

Motus owners are of course being encouraged by Motus’s compact pushrod design to hotrod their bikes as they see fit (Motus is hoping that the KMV4’s roots to the muscle car movement will encourage a market of tuners and enthusiasts around the MST & MST-R). This flexibility and upgradability also makes the KMV4 adaptable to a variety of applications, and accordingly Motus will sell the V4 motor separately as a crate motor option, allowing hobbyists and shops to build virtually anything they want with powerplant (we’ve heard rumors of a KMV4 dune buggy already terrorizing off-road courses).

Experiencing the KMV4 first-hand in the Mountains above Redwood City, Katech’s work has that visceral sound you’d expect to hear from something that is over a liter and a half in displacement. The jusxtposition of the “antiquated” pushrod design with new technologies like GDI takes some time to wrap your head around, but in regards to horsepower & physical footprint, the KMV4 is about one of the most potent packages one can find. Time will tell if the crate motor side of the business gains traction, but the one thing that is for certain is that if you don’t like the MST as a motorcycle, you have all the tools you need to make your own 1,645cc-2,000cc V4 motorcycle.

Source: Motus

  • How about a 250hp supercharged 2L in a sandrail? :)

  • Bob

    That could be fun. As a dirt biker, we know that deep sand can seriously bog down an underpowered engine and stall you out.

    What would really be bad ass is if you could bolt 2 of these end to end like you can a lot of big diesel engines.

  • Shawn

    If the price is right I can certainly see myself putting on in a Lotus 7 replica, and a B mod autocross racer.

  • BikePilot


    I am a bit miffed though that their motorcycle is carrying around wasted weight in the form of overly thick cylinder liners. Why not make it a 2L to start with or shave some poundage? maybe they left the walls nice and thick for the soon-to-be-unvailed forced induction version ;) GDI and boost are a match made in dino-burning heaven.

  • csimon

    If Harley was smart – this is exactly what they needed! They wouldn’t need to spend on R&D for a new motor, as they could stuff this technology into a new line of HD sport tourers and they will be on their way. No doubt.

  • spytech

    this would be nice in a 3 wheeled morgan. atm they are using the s and s x-wedge 2Litre motor, but this bored out to 2L should be sweet in that little car.

  • Hello Jensen – do you know if the crate motor plans include the chain final-drive gearbox? It looks like it is unit-construction but since many have talked about putting this motor in another type of vehicle the crate might not come with the gearbox. Hopefully the option will exist to purchase the gearbox too.


  • No clue Racetrack. I’ll see if Lee can chime in with an answer.

  • EM

    I like the idea of the sport touring bike, and I like the hot rod ability. However, I just do not get this bike. I just do not see that remarkable spark. Right now it seems like they did it to do it. I think to be remarkable in motorcycles these days you either have to racing, making a racer or developing some new fandangled electric/hybrid eco bike. Once that has been established a sport touring bike seem like the next logical progression.

    Coming out with your sport touring bike just seems backwards as a business progression. All the big name or successful cars and motorcycle companies got their brand established from either racing, or for being really cheap. Two things this company is missing.

    I would however, love to see these guys succeed.

  • Word from Lee on the crate motor options: “The engines will be available with or without the gearbox. They are 2 separate units.”

    So there yah go, a little something for everyone.

  • pdub

    I could see this as an awesome plant for a Forumula SAE open wheel car or go full retard and shoe it in a monocoque single seat mini supercar and give the Arial Atom drivers some nervous moments.

  • Mike J

    As someone who loves the motor concept, but feels mildly disappointed by the motorcycle that has emerged at the end of this process, I’m encouraged to hear that the engine will be available separately. Now I’ve just got to find the funds to get one shipped over to the UK and get Spondon to knock up a suitably sexy chassis for it.

  • Tom

    BikePilot – One reason for the extra mass is what the Japanese do on all of their entry bikes, make them a tad bit heavier than necessary and then shave off the extra weight each year and then declare an improvement over the previous model to get sucke…….er, new buyers. Why have real R&D development of a totally breakthrough motorcycle when you can have the appearance of inexpensive improvement?