MotoSafe: Safe Parking for Your Motorcycle and Gear

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Based out of the UK, MotoSafe is a name that implies exactly what you’re thinking…it’s a safe for motorcycles. While presumably you could use a MotoSafe for your private residence (think apartments & condos), the real benefit of MotoSafe comes in the form of safe paid-for-parking in metropolitan areas. With room for not only a bike and gear and for a small fee, MotoSafe could provide the city rider with all the peace of mind they need.

Made from stout galvanized steel, lock doors, and ground anchors, the MotoSafe is designed to be a safe haven for motorcycles. Using a six-point electric locking system, the MotoSafe is powered by 12-volt DC system that is fed by a solar panel for power, and is assisted with a battery back-up.

Depending on the model used, there is internal lighting and work benches available, along with a variety of sizes for scooters, street bikes, and long wheel-based motorcycles. The larger models even offer the ability to store riding gear, incase you don’t want to lug around your helmet/luggage/passenger all day.

Pricing ranges from £930-£1,125 ($1,450-$1,750), so the MotoSafe isn’t cheap; but for a city, the possible revenue from a secure parking spot could mean dollar signs for the municipality.

Source: MotoSafe via Bikes in the Fast Lane