Zero Motorcycles Launches Fleet Sales Program

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Zero Motorcycles has announced its launch of a fleet sales program aimed at corporations, non-profits, government bodies, and small business owners who are looking to make multiple unit purchases. The program is set to launch November 2nd, with pricing being based on volume and support requirements. It’s hard to make B2B sales sound sexy, but consider the missed opportunity that was Erik Estrada on a Zero DS…if only we could turn back time.

According to their announcement, Zero will make its full line available to bulk buyers for either fleet or rental purposes. “The fleet sales program will not only expand the availability of Zero Motorcycles’ products beyond the consumer market, but it will also allow for groups to use Zero electric motorcycles for functions ranging from basic recreation to government security,”  explained John Lloyd, Vice President of Worldwide Sales for Zero.

Lloyd went on to say that “people in all industries will be able to experience the versatility of electric motorcycles and the reduction of fleet maintenance costs while supporting green initiatives.” Some examples of Zero’s fleet versatility can be seen in these examples:

  • Law enforcement agencies will benefit from the low noise level to better facilitate communications while riding, and zero emissions allows safe patrolling in public gatherings.
  • Government agencies like the US Forest Service can appreciate the environmentally responsible technology behind the bike and the little disturbance caused for both campers and animals alike.
  • Track owners and tour operators can benefit from a fleet as another revenue generator by renting them out to amateur riders or tourists looking to explore local areas.

Those interested in exploring electric motorcycle options for their fleet services can contract Zero via their website.

Source: PowerSports Business