Women Now Account for 19% of Motorcycle Owners in the USA

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The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) announced today that the proportion of female motorcycle owners in the USA is on the rise, with 19% of the industry now comprised of women.

That figure is strong increase from the 14% ownership rate that was reported just three years ago, and it shows the changing demographic within the motorcycle industry.

The MIC identifies that female riders spend more than their male counterparts each year on their motorcycle parts and apparel, 15% more to be precise.

The trade organization also notes that women show in stronger proportion in the younger age demographics – comprising 22% of Gen X motorcycle owners, and 26% of millennial motorcycle owners.

Make no mistake, today’s news is tremendously important for the motorcycle industry in the United States, especially when it comes to owner and potential customer engagements.

However, I have seen a few motorcycle pundits (who really should know better) already drawing incorrect assertions from this survey report, specially when they cite this survey as a sign of growth of female riders in the United States.

This conclusion is not supported by the data given, and it shows a poor understanding of statistics. This is because the MIC survey tells us nothing about the actual growth of female motorcycle ownership,

Instead, this survey merely suggests that the proportion of women to men that own a motorcycle is increasing, which is a powerful thing to understanding, especially as the motorcycle industry transitions away from baby boomer buyers, but it is too easy to deduce incorrect inferences from today’s news. More on that shortly.

Source: MIC; Photo: © 2013 Lanakila MacNaughton / The Women’s Motorcycle Exhibition – All Rights Reserved