Motorcycle USA Closing Its Doors After 20 Years

02/24/2016 @ 4:32 pm, by Jensen Beeler36 COMMENTS


After 20 years of service, Motorcycle USA is going to shut its doors at the end of this week.

The news is a shock to anyone in the industry, as Motorcycle USA was one of the largest daily news outlets in the space, with extensive industry knowledge, racing coverage, and bike reviews on its pages.

The news came over Twitter, though we are sure that the MotoUSA team will have a prepared statement on their site shortly, which will explain the MAG Retail Groups decision more clearly.

We got a brief statement from Motorcycle USA Editor-in-Chief Bart Madson, which says the following:

“It’s disappointing news to be sure, but I’m extremely proud of what MotoUSA accomplished over the years. We put together one of the best crews in the business and leave behind a body of work that speaks for itself.”

“We also had a lot of fun working together, and I wish all my colleagues past and present great success in their future endeavors. I’d also like to thank our readers for their support. It’s been memorable ride!”

On a personal note, it will be a shame to see the publication close it doors. Without exception, Motorcycle USA employed some of the best people in the business, and it was always a pleasure to see them at industry events and press launches.

I have a strong feeling they will quickly find new homes at new publications.

Source: Motorcycle USA (Twitter)

  • MrDefo

    Ah man that is heavy news. When I first started riding Motorcycle USA was the first place I went for learning about the latest bikes and trends, and helped formulate an opinion on what I wanted to ride as I matured as a rider. Sad to see them go, but I’m sure they as individuals will have continued success.

  • fzrider

    One of my six favorite sites. Good luck guys.

  • Alclab

    WHAT!? strange strange… Recently Adam Waheed had an accident which saw him off the bikes for a while, and the response to the cideo reviews certainly saw it affected… But it just seems so unexpected. It has been a great site for unbiased and technical comparisons and news.

  • you just gonna say that and not rank them for us?

  • Jason

    Sad to hear, I used to visit daily. I haven’t recently visited much lately as I dislike the new layout and absolutely hate Facebook comments. ( is picking up the slack!)

    I also used to visit on a daily basis but their archaic comments section has put me off. Lots of options today for online motorcycle related news.

  • Dhawal

    That’s sad news.

    And some local Indian websites as I belong to India.

    This is what I read. Everyday.

  • What’s the over/under on you wearing pants right now?

  • Boom! In your face @seanmacdonald:disqus!!! ;)

    Dhawal, the cheque is in the mail.

  • Bart sent me a brief statement. I’ve added it to this post.

  • Sayyed Bashir

    They had the best daily Dakar coverage of any publication, better than RedBull or Dakar itself.

  • Campisi

    This convo’ has taken a strange turn…

  • Runar

    This is what happens when you overload everything with adverbs and stupid video’s

  • Adverbs and misplaced apostrophes, the bane of the interwebs.


    Ari Henning is winning.

  • Leigh Crawford

    Hmm, the continued restructuring at MAG /LDI continues. A loss for the employees and the industry. I guess shareholder profits trump passion for our sport.


    Shareholder profits trump EVERYTHING.

  • Sentinel

    Some great work there of course, and some great people, but eventually some bad management did them in.

  • Dustin Nisbet-Jones

    I always hated it when stupid video posted a new adverb

  • HelloFriend

    Oh man…I’m so bummed to hear of this. Not only was I a regular visitor on their website, I also work by their office building in Irvine and will miss seeing the “latest and greatest” stuff roll by. I wish the staff there the best.

  • zero chance

  • He’ll always be #1 in your book

  • You’re my hero

  • Echddee

    I go to A&B first, and has been for a while now. Lansplitter has a lot of crazy, funnier comments. A&B for serious talk. I enjoy both.

  • That hurts. That hurts deep.

  • That’s the Percocet talking.

  • Shawn Kitchen

    While I’m slightly (slightly!) disappointed at the loss of a motorcycle site, I’m not really losing any sleep over that loss being Motorcycle USA. I’ve always viewed them as a bit of a “style over substance” company (with Adam Waheed trying his best to be the Resident Hipster), and I’ve never considered any of their “reviews” to be any deeper than what you can find on manufacturer’s PR literature.

    CURMUDGEON ALERT – I think the overall state of motorcycle journalism in America has taken a clear turn for the worse ever since David Edwards and Peter Egan left Cycle World. But then again, I don’t type “TL/DR” at anything longer than 30 words, either. Give me seasoned insight and literary prowess over flashy video any day.

    Jensen – Stay the course, and A&R can become a high water mark. You’re well on your way.

  • crshnbrn


  • The percocet is my hero

  • Sayyed Bashir

    Sorry, I am lazy, I picked one site and I could go there every day and find out everything that happened that day. I will look at A&R’s coverage next year.

  • Dustin Nisbet-Jones

    I’m curious if you ever read any of Adam Waheed’s written reviews or if you’re judging him specifically from the YouTube videos. I actually disagree with you in part as I very much enjoyed his comprehensive bike & tire shootouts.

    I certainly agree with you regarding the overall state of motorcycle journalism in America and I find myself more and more offended by the blatant advertising disguised as ‘reviews’. I guess it’s hard to be critical when you’re flown out to Ibiza and put up in a 5 star hotel to evaluate a new bike for a couple of days.

  • Shawn Kitchen

    Yes, I’ve read some of his written work. For lack of a better way to describe it, I would say that there’s a difference between putting words on paper and being a “journalist”. Put simply, I just don’t think his work is anything special.

    When I think “quality” in motojournalism, I think of names like Mat Oxley, Peter Egan, Bruno DePrato, and Kevin Cameron. Not Adam Waheed.

    One man’s opinion.

  • Paulo

    I always liked MotoUSA better then 90% of the other stuff like it out there. I seemed to gel well with everything they put out and all their peeps will be missed. Sad day!

    As for the guys complaining about Waheed…….frankly, you don’t get him and because of that I’ll forgive you. I loved every review he put out. To me his stuff wasn’t the boring ass b.s. that most other nerds publications put out. It wasn’t the typical “I know” and “you don’t” crap that most others try to feed you. I wasn’t just being leveled with and talked with instead of talked at! I hope Adam finds a new home along with the cool other mofos. Good luck to all you guys.

  • Sayyed Bashir

    Remember you are in the comment section of a Asphalt & Rubber article. Give Jensen Beeler credit for something. Is A&S included in your 90% or your 10%?

  • Sayyed Bashir

    Actually it had to do with their magazine style layout (ten headlines below the scrolling picture window) that made it easy to pick out the Daily Dakar Coverage from the ten headlines. With a blog style layout, you have to scroll through multiple stories before you find the one you are looking for, and may get diverted or distracted by another story and forget what you came for. For a quick and easy update, their layout was faster.

  • sukonmyrightwing

    About wearing “too much” protective gear and the effect it has on your riding mentality

    I have been saying this for years….each and every time so say it some namby-pamby troll of a moderator deletes it and bans my account

    AtTGAT is one of those topics that mods protect with religious fever

    But the simple fact is that gear gives the mistaken impression that the rider is safe and leads them to ride recklessly while providing woefully insufficient protection in the event of a serious accident and it is simply amazing how many people just stick their heads in the sand about this simply because AtTGAT is effective against road rash(assuming the gear stays on) and it is “better than nothing”. As you said it may be better than nothing in terms of Protection but it is little better than skin in terms of injury-avoidance and worse than skin in terms of the riders mistaken assumption thst they are safe if they crash and incentivization of reckless riding. When I ride I wANT to be afraid of injury. Of pain and suffering. Not immune to it…especially falsely-so.

    I don-t want to think “I have got a jacket, gloves and helmet on so I’m ok if I wreck” And I feel the same should go for other riders.

  • Colonel Matumbo

    Oh lill pooki, we all need a good giggle now and then.
    Remember to smile and stop shaving your cat’s butt, thats just wrong mate.