Motorcycle Safety Foundation Launches iTunes U Courses

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Want to improve your riding skills from the comfort of your computer or tablet? The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) has the digital solution for you. Releasing four courses onto the iTunes U store for free, the MSF has made available a wide variety of tips and strategies to help motorcyclists to sharpen and hone their two-wheeled craft.

The four courses are “An Adventure in Motorcycle Physics,” “Dr. Ray’s Street Strategies,” “Dr. Ray’s Guide to Group Riding,” and “Dr. Ray’s Seasoned Rider,” with each class consisting of 20 or so chapters.

“An Adventure in Motorcycle Physics” provides explanations of the dynamics of motorcycle handling, braking, tire grip and traction distribution, while “Dr. Ray’s Street Strategies,” builds from the MSF’s that it recommends in the American Motorcyclist magazine.

“Dr. Ray’s Guide to Group Riding,” as the name implies, focuses on the riding with other motorcyclists, while the “Dr. Ray’s Seasoned Rider” course is designed to help motorcyclists remain safe on the road through all phases of their lives.

The iTunes U courses are just one part of the MSF’s larger digital/online education strategy, with the venerable riding instruction group offering other apps and services for motorcyclists. We highly recommend you give them a browse, even if you have a plethora of miles on your odometer.

Source: AMA