MSF Graduates 6,000,000th Student

09/19/2011 @ 9:11 am, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) recently graduated its six millionth RiderCourse student (can we get a collective A&R booyah!). WIth over 10,000 coaches and 2,000 locations, MSF has been helping make new riders into competent motorcyclists since 1973, and partners with Federal, state, and military groups in providing basic motorcycle skills to new riders.

Though known best for its introductory course, MSF offers 23 different RiderCourses designed to meet the requirements and needs of riders of any skill level.

Training more than a handful of Asphalt & Rubber writers in the art of two-wheel transportation, we’d like to give the Motorcycle Safety Foundation a special congratulations and thank you for all its hard work. Post up in the comments if you too have been through an MSF course.

Source: Motorcycle Safety Foundation

  • Tim M

    6 mil–holy cow! Glad to hear it. It should be mandatory for getting a moto license if for no other reason than reducing the number of crashes. I took the course and I thought it was great–well organized and thoughtfully planned. It’s an excellent opportunity to take the license riding test when you’ve got the encouragement of the instructors and a group of people you’ve spent two or three days with and they’re all cheering you on. I was stoked to go to the DMV, take my written test, and leave with my moto license without having to do the riding test with one of their examiners.

    I had two criticisms for the class I took. One is that there were too many people which resulted in a lot of time waiting to do a drill. People learn best when doing something multiple times with a minimum time lapse between attempts. I didn’t get a good grasp of a skill just doing two runs ten minutes apart, but that is what happened for a few of the drills. A friend took the class and said they got 4 or 5 attempts for everything, which is how it should be. Also, there was nothing about handling a bike–parking, moving the bike around, safely picking it up when you drop it. Parking a bike is when a lot of new riders drop them.

  • Westward

    When I took the course, two others in the class, both had over a decade of riding experience each, had said they learned a few things they never new before…

    Beginners should definitely take the course, and experience riders who have not, but have a motorcycle license, should be able to take the course for about $25… It may seem remedial, but I am sure there is a bit of knowledge that can be learned that may be useful… Or at least be able to take an intermediate course for $50…

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  • Tom

    And none of this matters for an American trying to get a motorcycle license in Japan.Very frustrating to go through because what you are taught to pass here simply constitutes unsafe riding habits.

  • Anna

    I took the beginner class in October and the intermediate class in July. Both classes were well run with great instructors, even if the equipment was in need of TLC. I never would have gotten my license or had the confidence to learn without these MSF classes. I look forward to the day I can take the experienced class.