Can We Just Let Moto Morini Die Already? – New Company Auction Set for July 19th

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If Moto Morini was a household dog, someone would have taken it out to the backwoods and put the damn thing down already. Yet, Administrators in charge of handling the bankrupt company’s assets are gearing up for yet another attempt to auction the brand, building, anything in order to get some euros back for Moto Morini’s creditors. Set to take place on July 19th, the auction aims to sell the company and its premises for €4.65 million (down from €5.5 million), but will strike a deal on the assets for a cool €1.95 million (also down from €2.6 million). Will this make a difference? Probably not.

With the rising cost of doing business in Europe, currency exchange rates, and a workforce that has already scuddled previous buyout attempts, we think even the famed Gordon Gekko would quip that Moto Morini is a dog with fleas. While there is some value in Moto Morini’s tangible assets, we don’t see many people lining up to do heavy manufacturing in Bologna. Making matters worse is the fact that the names that are linked to buying the Italian company seem more concerned about using the purchase as a PR stunt, rather than a genuine offer. While Moto Morini made some intriguing motorcycles, they obviously weren’t intriguing enough for the riding community, and it’s time to pull the plug, and let this company die.