Moto Guzzi Is Getting a New Factory and Museum in Italy

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Moto Guzzi is celebrating 100 years of making motorcycles this year, and part of that celebration includes the Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello model that was teased today.

Birthday’s come with presents though, and for its centennial, Moto Guzzi is getting the gift of a new factory and museum at its Italian home of Mandello del Lario.

The new factory and museum is set to be a point of pilgrimage for Moto Guzzi fans, and it is being designed by acclaimed architect Greg Lynn.

The structures are to take form much in the same way as Moto Guzzi sees its motorcycles, as the mechanical integration of modern design.

As such, the new facilities will incorporate existing structures, and boost the factory’s production capacity, presumably with state-of-the art assemblyline structures.

There will also be new conference facilities to host both internal and external events, as well as a hotel and a restaurant to welcome visitors from around the world.

Work on the new factory and museum will commence by the end of 2021, and will be completed in the first half of 2025.

Source: Moto Guzzi