Mission One Road Test with Fairings

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Mission Motors has been out testing their Mission One race bike in the Easy Bay (looks like out by Bear Creek Canyon) with a little help from the California Highway Patrol, and has posted up a video of the electric racer on their site for all to enjoy. 

While brief, the video shows the Mission One race bike in what appears to be its final race trim. This design is a rather substantial departure from the curvy and stylized version of the bike that we saw , but with the long stretches of high speed straights found on the Isle of Man TT, the more aerodynamic skin is a must if Mission Motors wants to make the most efficient race entry possible.

The test rider says the Mission One racer was super smooth, acceleration was always a simple twist of the wrist, no shifting necessary, regenerative braking provided a sort of engine braking effect while slowing for turns, just like a normal engine, and the turbine like sound on acceleration just added to the experience.

Mission has crated up their race bike now, and it is on its way to the Isle of Man for race day. Good luck fellas.

Source: Mission Motors