Mission Motors Helps Power Honda to Podium Finish

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The Mission R electric Superbike is just one of many new projects to come out of San Francisco based startup Mission Motors. Despite the newswires over the past year being noticeably quiet from Mission, the company has been toiling away on more than a few projects, especially after launching its MissionEVT components and services offering.

Showing off its electric and hybrid chops at SEMA this year, we get news that Mission Motors has been working with OEMs to help integrate electrical components into their product offerings. One such example of this is a project Mission Motors undertook with Honda Automobiles, which saw a Honda CR-Z Hybrid upgraded with MissionEVT components, and then raced at the 25hrs of Thunderhill endurance event a few weeks ago.

Finishing second in its class, and ninth overall, the Honda/Mission CR-Z could have won its class had a fuel spilling incident (oh dear god the irony) not occurred during a pit stop. So far both Mission Motors and Honda have been tight-lipped about the collaboration, but with a MissionEVT Hybrid Power Unit noticeably residing in the Honda CR-Z’s trunk, we can’t help but think that Mission’s technology helped propel the CR-Z to its favorable result.

Time will tell if there will be any further collaboration between the Japanese behemoth and the small American startup, of course now the question remains what other OEMs have sought out Mission Motors for help with electric and hybrid powertrains? More on that as we get it.

Source: Mission Motors & AutoBlog Green