Mission Motorcycles Becomes Mission Electric, Boats & Cars to Come, Mission R/RS Motos Delayed Until Q2/Q3 2015

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Interesting things are afoot in the electric realm. Mission Motorcycles is about to expand beyond the two-wheels, as the company becomes officially called Mission Electric. The change comes about as Mission plans to expand into the automotive and marine segments, though the San Francisco company isn’t saying yet who it is partnering with in those spaces.

Mission says it will continue to offer consumer-side products, like its current crop of electric motorcycles, the Mission R and Mission RS. However, its business model will expand to offer business-side electric drivetrain components, which was previously the realm of Mission Motors.

From what our sources say, this move will mean that Mission Motorcycles and Mission Motors will once again become one entity — loyal readers will remember that Mission Motorcycles was spun out of Mission Motors two years ago.

For those that have been following the Mission story, it is an interesting turn of events, though we hear that Mission Electric has some sizable funding behind it, which it will need in order to achieve the big plans the company plans to undertake.

Those lofty plans mean a setback for the company’s motorcycle deliveries, as pre-ordered bikes have still not arrived for customers who bought/ordered the Mission R and Mission RS electric superbikes.

With the Mission Electrics said to be on a hiring spree, CEO Mark Seeger says the company is committed to delivering those bikes in Q2 or Q3 of 2015, and customers can expect Mission to over-deliver on the previously quoted performance and capability specifications.

With this many false starts however, the burden will be on Mission Electrics to deliver finally on its production promises, which is becoming an unfortunate attribute in this sector of the motorcycle industry. We hope it all comes together for the Mission Electric team, as the Mission RS is a fantastic bike to ride. Stay tuned electron fans.

Source: Mission Electric