Mick Doohan Tells You to Gear Up

11/19/2010 @ 8:46 am, by Jensen Beeler2 COMMENTS

Famed five-time 500GP Champion Mick Doohan wants to make sure you’re wearing all your gear all the time in this latest motorcycle safety commercial that was put together in South Australia. A part of the Motorcycle Accident Commission’s “Gear Up” campaign, we start off seeing a rider wearing just a shirt, jeans, and sneakers flying through the air after his motorcycle has crashed.

As Doohan points out though, this sort of attire is just about as good as riding naked, which in fact our protagonist is, as he is actually only covered in body paint, not clothing.┬áThis sort of shock safety video is a continuation of MAC’s first commercial “No Place to Race”, which can be found after the jump.

Source: Two Wheels Blog

  • Sean

    South Australia is a state in Australia. Victoria is another state in southern Australia, however they dont get these adverts made by the South Australian Govt.

    … and the second video is called ‘No place to RACE’

  • Bjorn

    These are pretty cool; the ad we got in Victoria to encourage wearing leathers, is even more graphic. First scene; a bloke falls off his bike in traffic. Second scene; a surgeon explains the process, while in the background the rider on the operating table has his massive abrasions scrubbed out.

    Good riding in the Mount Lofty Ranges (Adelaide Hills) of South Australia, but there are even more revenue cameras there than in Vic.