Max Biaggi To Be A Father

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Max Biaggi’s longtime girlfriend and former Miss Italy, Eleonora Pedron, is expecting to have the couple’s first child later this September. The couple revealed the news to Italian weekly magazine “A”during an interview:

As soon as we knew that Ele was pregnant we told her mother, her brother Nicola, my father, my sister and my nephew. We don’t like to exploit our private lives to attract attention to our jobs, infact after this interview we won’t give any others. It doesn’t matter, boy or girl, as long as it’s healthy. Because it’s going to have a brother or sister later on.”

The Roman Emperor doesn’t seem to concerned about getting married anytime soon. When asked about it, he responded, “Marriage? It’s not a priority, I’d like things to go on as they are even if it’s not out of the question. Five or six years ago I never thought of a kid and now…” 


Jensen Beeler

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