Leslie Porterfield Gets Haute for the BMW S1000RR

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We here at Asphalt & Rubber love Leslie Porterfield. She’s the Queen of Speed, Maven of Two Wheels, and Temptress of the Salts. OK, ok, she’s also blonde and leggy, and while the prior titles are important it’s this latter quality that photographer Markus Hofmann was after when he took Porterfield to BMW’s wind testing facility outside of Munich, Germany. You may remember Hofmann from such other confusing couture meets motorcycle Bavarian ad campaigns as cheetahs with models, helicopters with…well…more models that feature the 2010 BMW S1000RR.

We have to say we’re a bit miffed to see Hoffman take his lens and point it in the general direction of our lovely Ms. Porterfield. Then again we didn’t really “get” his previous work either. Also, we don’t really understand how you can take two things that are gorgeous in their own right, bring them together, and then find a deleterious effect with their combined beauty. Maybe we’re just Nikon people in a Canon world, but hopefully someone with more understanding for aesthetics and fashion can enlighten us in the comments section.

Source: Faster & Faster