KTM Sales up 22.4% in 2011 Thanks to India

02/17/2012 @ 1:21 pm, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

If you want a quick synopsis of how the European motorcycle brands performed in 2011, they killed it. BMW, Ducati, Triumph, and now KTM have all reported double-digit sales growth figures for 2011, a stark contrast to the still struggling sales of Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha.  Reporting a 22.4% sales increase last year, KTM made a cool €20.7 million in the process of selling its 81,200 units in 2011 (KTM sold 66,327 units in 2010).

Leading the Austrian company’s growth was the KTM 125 Duke, which has been a huge hit in India, its country of origin, but has also helped grow KTM’s market share in Europe. KTM is also reporting that its latest EXC models have helped spur sales, but we suspect it is the new small-displacement Duke, which was made with developing markets in mind, that is really responsible for the surge in sales growth. KTM says that it expects sales in Europe and North America to remain flat, while the company expects to see growth in emerging markets continue (no surprise there).

“The successful launch of the 125 Duke and the new Enduro Competition generation were crucial for these increases,” said KTM CEO & Chairman Stefan Pierer. “KTM’s market share in Europe increased by 30% from 4.9% to 6.3% compared to previous year. Hence, KTM is the most successful brand and outpaced its competitors clearly.”

Riding the wave on motorcycling’s new map to success, the KTM 200 Duke has already hit Indian dealerships. For 2012, KTM expects to sell 20,000 motorcycles in India alone, or to put it in other terms roughly 1 in 5 motorcycles KTM builds will be bought in India this year. In other news, Bajaj laughed all the way to the bank. Expect to see the KTM 350 Duke hit US soil sometime in 2013.

Source: KTM

  • MikeD

    YUP, the small fries is where the FLOW is at. Best of luck and rampant success to them. The more $ they make the more $ available for R&D on new models and classes.
    A small/ligth yet good looking bike it’s starting to sound more and more atractive to my “ways and style”…the 03 SV1000N it’s starting to feel a bit heavy at times already…and riding it under 75mph feels like WALKING IT…wind blast ? WHAT wind blast ? LOL.

  • Anant Bhatia

    The BIG error in this article is that the KTM Duke 125 is NOT FOR SALE IN INDIA. Duke 125 has sold ZERO units in India, its country of origin. The Duke 200 bookings were started 18 days back and I doubt if any have been delivered as of now, so thats another ZERO! No other KTM product is for sale in India as of now.

  • rattle

    @anant you r right about duke 125 not being sold in india. it’s the duke 200 that is on sale. but wtf- country of origin? the bike was designed by ktm engineers not bajaj. bajaj only sell and use ktm technology to an extent.

  • The KTM Duke 125 has never been for sale in India. And only the bookings for the KTM Duke 200 have opened. Get your facts right!

  • BBQdog

    On January 24, 2012 the 200 Duke was presented to the public in New Delhi for the first time. With this model KTM – in cooperation with Bajaj – enters the Indian market for the first time and expects sales of more than 20,000 motorcycles. The 200 Duke is the first KTM-model that is available worldwide.

    …. enters the Indian market for the first time ….

  • BBQdog

    On sites from India they are even speaking of 250 and 300 versions !

  • Wrong facts!

    The KTM 125 and the KTM 200 are both co-developed by Bajaj and KTM. So yes it is an ‘Indian’ bike that you blokes in Europe hip hop on.

    The KTM 125 is not in sale in India.

    The KTM 200 has just begun its bookings.

    And a pinch of salt: ALL parts on the KTM 125 and the KTM 200 are made in India, and yes the Duke 350 is next in line.

  • BBQdog

    Why a pinch of salt ?

  • mxs


    you are 100% wrong by saying that all parts on KTM125 and 200 are made in India. the bike is assembled in India and many parts are made in India, but certainly not all.

    The one thing about KTM is that it always excited me to read that they do well. Lately though I stopped caring, be cause where I live (Canada) they almost don’t exist. They seem to ignore North American market pretty good. I do realize that it started with the economic downturn, but still all they are known for here is off-road in my opinion. There’s one RC8 I have seen and a couple of Dukes, different models ever …

    I am not sure how their recent success thanks to India will trickle down to where I live or North America in general. You see Honda, Ducati really communicating frequently with their potential buyers, I don’t remember last time seeing any announcement from KTM North America. Do they even exist?? Because I would love to ask them why the new Duke 690 ain’t hitting our shore ….