LEAKED: KTM 2012-2014 Product Road Map

08/01/2011 @ 11:33 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

The guys at HFL have gotten their hands on what looks like a cameraphone photo of KTM North America’s product road map for the next three model years (actually, it now looks like they just lifted the photo from BARF without giving them credit as having the story first). Showing the bikes that will hit American shores in 2012, 2013, and 2014, we get a glimpse of what new models will grace the showrooms of KTM dealers, as well as which models will be receiving facelifts and revisions. The presentation slide really speaks for itself, but perhaps the most interesting item on the list is what sounds like a 350cc version of the company’s Moto3 race bike (shown above?).

Other notables include the KTM 350 Duke, which has been heavily rumored since the KTM 125 Duke came out in Europe earlier this year (though thought to be an India only model). A new 1290cc platform also appears to be in the works, as it will find usage in an Adventure model (also shown above?), as well as the Super Duke R (schwing!). KTM’s electric off-roader also seems to be headed stateside for 2013, with an on-road model complimenting the off-road version that we’ve beens seeing, though the “Freeride 350” has us puzzled.

We imagine there’s some angry phone calls going out right now to whichever dealer conference member snapped this photo (not to mention the likelihood of the wrong side of a lawsuit headed their way). That’s why most dealer meetings now require all phones to be checked at the door. Welcome to the information age KTM.

Model Year 2012:

  • Linkage MX 2 stroke
  • New design EXC 2 stroke
  • New design & EFI EXC 4 stroke
  • Design facelift Enduro R 690

Model Year 2013:

  • New design SX 85 / SX 105
  • Design facelift MX full size
  • Freeride E SX
  • Freeride 350
  • Freeride E EXC
  • Adventure R 1090
  • Duke 350
  • Super Duke R 1290

Model Year 2014:

  • Adventure 1290
  • Moto3 350
  • Enduro 350

Source: BARF via Hell for Leather

  • BikePilot

    Interesting. I wonder how legit this is though – some street bikes are conspicuously absent. 1290 seems 100cc too big – maybe they stroked the RC8 motor? Maybe they just fibbed a bit on the name? The Freeride 350 is also a head-scratcher. Maybe the 350 refers to battery capacity or something.

    In any event, I’d really like an RC8R powered SMT. Ya listening KTM?

  • BikePilot

    Oh, I could also do with some spffy DI two strokes off road bikes!

  • 76

    Hmmm, I see something else missing, a new RC8r for 2012-13. It was a fairly credible rumor I heard about 8 months to a year ago. This was from the same source that had already mentioned the 2013 superduke. The Superduke was originally for 2012 but was pushed because of RC8r development… hmmm, the picture will be alittle clearer 3 months from now

  • Rob749

    I’m looking into purchasing an RC8R. I do hope they continue its development, its such a beautiful bike!

  • GeddyT

    To me the biggest news on this chart is the EXC 2-stroke. At first I thought, “Oh, this must have been a European or Australian dealer expo,” but, nope, there it says “North America” at the top.

    I believe in Europe and Australia they label bikes as EXC that are labeled as XC here in the states. What about Canada? Does Canada have similar naming conventions to the U.S.?

    Or is KTM actually going to give us a street legal 2-stroke!? And will they get around the EPA with DFI!?

  • BBQdog

    I am just wondering what this350cc Moto3 bike would be. Will it be a Moto3 chassis with a more standard 350cc engine in it as a cheap training bike for cup riders ? A 350cc wouldn’t have to work as hard and deliver the same amout of BHP . Or will it be, as MCN suggests, a bike like the Aprilia RS 250 and Suzuki RGV 250 ?? I hope for the last.

  • fazer6

    I’d lay bills on the “Moto3 350” being nothing more than the Duke 350 with some clothes on–Further supported by the naming of an “Enduro 350”–Platform sharing at it’s most profitable, and a direct competitor to the little ‘prillia

  • BARF_Monkey

    They didn’t actually “lift” the photo from BARF. They asked to use it and were given permission.
    Crediting BARF with the story didn’t seem necessary at the time, as the photo has been openly visible on Facebook for over a month.

  • “the future is orange” … really!? that’s the best launch statement that KTM’s marketing group can come up with?

    i guess more folks @ KTM north america other than jon eric are total minchiones.

  • cXnBxe Good post.

  • Joe Bielski III

    First off let me say that I do love KTM’s. With that out of the way, I would have bought a 690 Duke if it had a color scheme like the orange and white RC8, now that’s beautiful. What I didn’t like was that there was waaaay too much black. No offense but, if “the future is orange”, why are the bikes predominately black? Fire the color coordinator.