KTM North America has created a new division focused on the on-road market. The new division is clearly a step by KTM to continue its push into the road bike scene. Heading the new division is Brad Hagi, former Director of Distributor Sales Worldwide at Ducati in Italy. With this new announcement, comes the rumor of a new motorcycle in the works for 2010. More after the jump.

Talking about the new division, Jon-Erik Burleson, President of KTM North America, explained that:

“Building our street business is a key strategy in our long-term business plans. Despite any existing market conditions, we are in the business for the long haul and see our premium European street product lineup as crucial for the financial strength of both KTM and our dealers.”

With the new streetbike division comes the prospect of new streetbikes from KTM. As such, new has developed that KTM is expected to debut a new on-road model at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan this November. The bike is expected to be a completely new machine, which dispells earlier rumors that it would be some sort of special edition RC8. More information as we get it.

Source: PowerSports Business & MotoRevue

  • Morpheous

    ..its called the SMT 990 SM tourer.

  • Bill Smith

    Message to KTM – KTM street motorcycles are nothing short of an eye-sore – “ugly/strange/unorthodox” would be a considerable complement in this market. Can anyone help KTM designers to produce a motorcycle for the US market that is visually palatable?

    Until the visuals are addressed KTM will continue to flounder in the US market. I suggest they read a page from Ducati’s playbook – the US market is filled with stunning visual reminders of refined design/engineering (excluding HD).

  • motomoto

    @Bill Smith – I completely disagree with you. I think KTM is on the right track bringing a new unique look into the US market, one that will not only establish their brand as a leader in performance but also set them apart from the cookie cutter design that exists today.

    I believe KTM should of course view Ducati’s playbook, there’s no arguing they’ve done it right, but find their own place in the US streetbike market and the Super Duke and RC8 are fantastic starts.

  • i have to agree with motomoto on this one, i love the look of the ktm, and i hardly know a fellow rider (at least among my circle of friends) that has any disdain for the visuals ktm’s delivering in the slightest.

    to me they’re on their own right track. this is exciting news.

  • mxs

    @ Bill

    You think that Ducati was created to be palatable to US market??? Keep dreaming …. If that was the case then it would be as much as palatable as Buell, don’t you think.

    Different is what counts my friend …. and that KTM is. Kudos to them.

  • Morpheous


  • Morpheous

  • Morpheous
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  • Bill Smith

    The Bottom Line: KTM very much like Buell will fail in the US market unless they fix their visuals. Unique styling is good – ugly/unorthodox styling is bad, PERIOD!

    Buell has two more pressing problems –

    A: Their new line (1125r/1125cr) is plagued with significant safety, heat, and engine problems (I know this for unfortunately I own one). As one British reviewer articulated “they’re just not ready for prime time.”
    B: Buell is the ugly stepsister to HD – their sales staff does not want to sell them, their service staff does not want to service them.

    Steer clear of Buell product!

    Just about every review on the Super Duke has been nothing short of stellar – like their dirt bikes in the 70’s.

  • Jeff

    I know a bunch of screwed over 16 yr olds who wont be buying them.

  • motomoto


    I believe you are confusing your taste with the markets taste. You may not like the style but plenty of others do. Ugly, yes is bad but is open to opinion. Unorthodox, well, it’s just that. Different.

    Also to say, “KTM very much like Buell will fail in the US market unless they fix their visuals” and then talk about Buell’s mechanical misfortunes and their lack of having good sales support, also have nothing to do about KTM’s design decisions.

    I also think Buell took a bold move with their engine decision. As you mentioned they have unfortunately have been plagued with problems and I agree, they were probably not ready for primetime but with a little more support from daddy Davidson that could have been avoided. Hopefully you’ll get yours sorted.

  • Bill Smith


    The comparison is very valid – I was just pointing out the differences and similarities – KTM produces fantastic machines – Buell does not (well, not yet). Both have very real visual design problems – confirmed by almost every reviewer and by US sales-to-date.

    I assume you work for KTM or have some level of affiliation.

  • motomoto

    I guess we’ll agree to disagree. Also, if we’re talking about US sales-to-date, I’ll refer to your earlier comment where you mention they should follow Ducati’s play book. KTM has twice the market share that Ducati does. So, maybe I was wrong and they should stick to their own playbook.

    No, I don’t work for or own a KTM, merely a man who loves motorcycles, but if the opportunity was presented to me I would jump on it.

  • Bill Smith

    Yes I believe KTM unit sales last year are approximately double that of Ducati but we may never know Ducati’s go forward numbers considering their LBO last December. I do know their pre-LBO unit sales for the first half of 2008 showed rather startling results (unaudited).

    Ducati unit increases in select geo markets first half 2008:

    North Europe (+24.8%)
    Germany (+62.9%)
    Italy (+49.9%)
    Japan (+26.9%)

    Staggering by any standards! And please note these are street bike sales!

    KTM sells four mini-cycles, 19 dirt bike models, four ATVs, etc. So we are comparing apples against your grocer’s entire fruit selection.

    Bottom Line: 99 out of 100 young US male motorcycle purchasers (our primary market) would take a Ducati street bike (sport/superbike/upright naked bike) over KTM’s comparable models. I was absolutely stunned at the sheer number of Ducati motorcycles at Indy and Road America this year – but I did not see one KTM street bike (and we know they are unmistakable)!

    Would you care to wager who sells more street bikes in the US in 2010? I’ll bet my Buell 1125r against any comparable model that Ducati will out-sell KTM!

  • Sweet!! KTM NA Starts Streetbike division! http://tinyurl.com/y8u3sus