Video: KTM Freeride E in Action

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The KTM Freeride E is quite the buzz in the electric world, as it is the first proper electric motorcycle to be announced by an OEM. As it did with its street-bike debut with the RC8, KTM is set to test the market’s waters first with a limited production run of 100 units in 2012, likely to pre-select KTM owners/dealers. Assuming a favorable review, the Austrian brand would then presumably ramp-up production of its €10,000 electric dirt bike.

With 30hp peak & 10hp continuous, the KTM Freeride E boasts four-stroke 125cc specs, albeit on the heavy side with a 204 lbs curb weight. Running time is said to have a 20 minute ride time in the hands of a professional, the KTM Freeride E is rated to last 45 minutes in the hands of an amateur…whatever that means. While the world at large will likely have to wait another year before it can truly asses the KTM Freeride E, we do have at least our first glimpse in the bike’s performance.

A quick stack of video clips rolled into one reel, it looks like a certain Kiska designer & friends (Kiska is the company behind KTM’s look and feel) got a chance to try the KTM Freeride E on a small dirt track behind KTM HQ. They say the bike isn’t overly powerful, but fun to ride. Perhaps most intriguing is that the 2.1 kWh battery lasted longer than the riders (edit: read in the comments section from one of the riders).

Not as puffy as the beautiful marketing videos KTM released, the quick clip shows the Freeride E working in real life, with real riders — though biased they may be.

Source: derestricted (x2)