Kawasaki UK Launches Online Test-Ride Booking

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Kawasaki UK has announced that it has setup a new website where interested riders can sign up to test ride a Kawasaki street machine from their local dealer. The site,, let’s riders search for new and used green machines by location, and then schedule a test ride directly with the dealerships. While this doesn’t affect us American riders too much, it’s a sign that the at least some portion of the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers are revaluating the motorcycle purchasing process.

As we’ve reported before, the dealer experience, namely the ability to test ride a machine ,has been cited in studies as one of the single biggest factors that played into a customer purchasing a motorcycle. Maybe this is a sign the Japanese 4 are finally catching you to what the European manufacturers knew all along. We’ll see how long it takes for similar programs to make it to the United States.

Source: Kawasaki