The Kawasaki Ninja H2 Has…Wings??!

09/26/2014 @ 12:38 am, by Jensen Beeler29 COMMENTS


While some publications have been outright fabricating information about the new Kawasaki H2 to get eyeballs and clicks, we have been trying to filter Kawasaki’s massive marketing campaign, so you only get the most distilled information. That’s sort of our mantra here at Asphalt & Rubber.

So, you will forgive us then for showing you yet another teaser video on the H2, but we think there is an interesting development here. The ninth installment thus far, Kawasaki is focusing on the aerodynamics of the hyperbike, and from what we can see, the Kawasaki Ninja H2 comes equipped with aerodynamic wings.

The winglets look a lot like those found on the Ducati Desmosedici GP10, which served more to help flow air across the very hot V4 engine, rather than to provide any sort of downforce. What Kawasaki is using them for, that’s up for debate.

One shot seems to show the H2’s mirrors, and their aerodynamic shape, while the other two shots have us guessing. One is clearly a winglet, possibly near the front of the machine, which would help pull the air around the rider (especially around the legs) more effectively.

The third shot (actually the first in the video), look like a rear spoiler/diffuser to us, but we’d love to hear your theories in the comments section.

We know that Kawasaki sees the H2 re-opening the speed wars with the other motorcycle manufacturers, could the team be building a ringer for Bonneville? We only have a few more days to wait for the answers.



Source: Kawasaki

  • Alex

    Plot twist, its a car.

  • L2C

    The video is all about money. A lot of money. A whole bunch of money that you will have to spend to get one of those bad babies. The first shot is thousands of dollars. The second shot is thousands of dollars. The third shot? Thousands of dollars. Get ready to empty your pocketbooks/wallets/retirement accounts.

  • L2C

    And I’m half expecting Darth Vader to do the unveiling.

  • Thomas

    Those aren’t wings.

    They are really aerodynamic frame sliders! :p

    If Darth Vader came to the unveiling I think that would be the most awesome thing ever. But those Bothan Spies better take cover because I’m sure he will have some bounty hunters with him.

  • Marcio

    It is refreshing to see a Japanese manufacturer invest again in innovation. Even if we can not get a H2 as shown so far certainly items like the turbo will find their way back to the showroom floors.

  • Thomas

    Oh, that third shot looks exactly like a front splitter … just like you would have on a race car. If you squint a bit and tilt your head, you can see the air intake ports right above it.

    Closest to the camera would be a cowl to help direct airflow, and in the background you can make out the front wing on the port side of the bike.

  • Ian john

    Well this is leading to disappointment me thinks.
    Carbon, well that’s gunna be expensive.
    Speed and winglets. A bag of useless horsepower for a street squid or the dragstrip.
    I will hang onto a glimer of hope that it may cost the euro litre price bracket, be light as a feather, and the supercharger provides for usable strong bottom end with the generic fast at big revs aswell if need be.

  • n/a

    @Ian john

    Your statement is a bit contradicting, no?

    “Carbon, well that’s gunna be expensive.”

    “I will hang onto a glimer of hope that it may cost the euro litre price bracket, be light as a feather”

    How are they going to make it light as a feather without carbon and other expensive alloy materials? I guess it depends on your definition of ‘light as a feather’.

  • Roger87

    What if the wing in the first photo is a mock for a mirror? The part in the upper left corner looks like a screen…

  • KSW

    Nice! Of course that SuperCharger needs some ram induction but why not some expressive design in motorcycling? If they used the same tiny gyro scope as in your phone it could even be movable so as to keep the front end down when the front wheel goes up. You could control the amount of front end lift.

    IF Kawasaki had that body kit in a race bike going into MGP and I was Red Bull you know who’s kit my colors would be flying.

    Now, come on already. Do the reveal and show us the actual production video with a real rider on the real thing, geez.

  • cadman97

    I guessin those are for creating downforce. A bike with over 200HP will need to stay planted, and they use wings like that to generate downforce. The giant lip on the deck lid of a NASCAR is there to generate downforce. Same applies here on a motorcycle with this much HP.

    Also…my guess is that they are using this bike to showcase the technology, but will use it in different applications. Yes its a badazz bike, but lots and lots of sales come from 10K and under priced bikes. Im guessin this is more like 20k+ bike…but ya never know??

  • Shinigami

    If this comes in at the $35K+ bracket there will be a lot of disappointed boy-racers out there. All that 3K weave looks like it will be firmly in Bimota territory, more than Ninja.

    This could end up as their version of Honda’s NR, with minimal production numbers, high prices and high demand among collectors.

  • Dr. Bunsen Honeydew

    yeah, the first detail looks like a mirror from its location.

    the last pic… all that stuff is absolutely useless if placed at the rear, behind the rider in all the turbulent/messy air.

    but wouldnt that be cool if that was the FRONT?

    think about the vast array of micro winglets on the front of modern Formula 1 cars?

  • Ax1464

    It’s a maxi-scooter. ;)

  • proudAmerican

    @ AX1464

    It’s got wings…it’s a feminine maxi-pad. :-0

  • Richard Gozinya

    It’s certainly possible to make a bike really light without exotic materials. It’s just difficult, and limits how much engine you can stick into the thing. If it’s got a turbo or supercharger, no way is it going to pull that off. This thing is likely going to be fast and expensive, Japanese exotic. But, given all the endless hype Kawasaki’s doing, it’s leading to the problem of anticippointment. When expectations and hopes keep getting raised, and excitement builds and builds, it becomes harder and harder to live up to the hype.

  • The Other Bob

    “Dr. Bunsen Honeydew says:

    yeah, the first detail looks like a mirror from its location.

    the last pic… all that stuff is absolutely useless if placed at the rear, behind the rider in all the turbulent/messy air.

    but wouldnt that be cool if that was the FRONT?

    think about the vast array of micro winglets on the front of modern Formula 1 cars?”

    Yes, that looks like where the mirror goes. So that’s 3 of us that agree.

    The other pic that you think is the rear is actually the front which will be scooping in large volumes of air at positive pressure due to the bike’s velocity. Otherwise the supercharger will be sucking nothing. If air can’t pass the air through quickly enough, the air will create high pressure friction at the nose and find it it’s way around the bike, instead of into it.

    Also regarding turbulent messy air at the rear. Aeros are not just for downforce. They straighten out airflow to reduce turbulence and promote smooth convergence of the airstream as it reattaches itself behind the bike. Bikes these days are so short that airflow doesn’t have time to reattach itself smoothly. A bike would need to be more than twice as long as they are now to do this. As it is fruitless to try to design the tapered rears to be effective this way, all the manufacturers that race make very short tail sections. The only thing that comes from longer tail sections is more drag and weight to pull around. Take a look at the RSV4, Panigale and S1000RR and all the MotoGP bikes. Only enough of a tail to mount the transponder and onboard cameras.

  • Greg

    I’m hoping that all of the knowledge that Kawasaki has gained through engineering this new bike will eventually trickle down to their other motorcycles. Imagine a 500cc twin with a supercharger that could go into a lightweight ADV bike? You’d hopefully have close to the power/torque of an 800cc or liter engine but in a lighter and more compact package. Depending on how much you cane the engine, I’m sure that fuel economy would be better as well.

  • Starmag

    Well there’s a Batman twist I didn’t expect.

  • Declan

    The 3rd shot is not the rear, its the front, showing a wing under the air inlet to the airbox, a more aggressive version of the panigale from what I see.

    The wing looks to be sitting just behind the front wheel at the front of the main fairing body. Probably to divert air around the riders legs as the inside wall of it is not linear, the front of it definitely showing the air will be diverting the air around the legs with the main wing body possibly giving downforce as an anti wheelie control at high speed only, which agrees with what the bike it aimed at doing.

    I cant see the wing shapes at the mirror area being mirrors, their to slim. Which would indicate no mirrors. their not in the first main silhouette picture either, but then again the angle of them is more suited to a mirror than a wing feature, but end does feature a winglet shape akin to those on aircraft wings for disrupting vortex creation

  • I’ve been following the campaign as closely as any self-respecting Ninja fan, and the aerodynamic wing shots synthesized what I’ve been thinking already…I’m feeling/hoping that this bike is more related to the ’08 ZX-RR that Marco Melandri rode than the ZX-10R that Tom Sykes rides.:
    …hear me out first.
    My favorite two Ninja’s have been the second generation ZX-7R (think Eric Bostrom) and the first generation ZX-10R. By the end of the 7R’s life cycle, it was considered the most over-weight and under-powered of the superbikes. However, I was consistently able to run with the litter bikes of the time because of the 7’s handling, specifically the rock solid front end. I sold my 7 for the first generation 10R.
    My 10R had the opposite challenge of being over-powered and not so much under-weight but under chassied. It took a few generations for the 10 to get sorted. By generation four, the ninja has awesome power, awesome handling and the first WSBK championship for Kawasaki in 20 years.
    However, right before the generation four 10R came out, there were rumors that Kawasaki was building a bike that had some type of two phase engine, with the first phase being conventionally normal and at a certain rpm, phase two was said to kick in and was being based on the 800cc Screamer style engine they were testing in MotoGP. It was supposed to be capable of high rpms and high horsepower.

    That ZX-RR style streetbike never materialized, but the wings, rumored low weigh, relative low displacement and high power makes me think the H2 is more like a ZX-RR…and that the Supercharger is taking the place of the unobtainium that allows the normally aspirated, 800cc MotoGP to make plus of 200 horses.
    My “H” two cents…

  • crshnbrn

    This month-long reveal reminds me of a line in Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir”.

    “They talk of days for which they sit and wait and all will be revealed.”

  • im really disappointed with this bike ,i was expecting the jet ski engine in it @300hp .they claimed that they were building that bike and now alls it is ,is a baby grand with a belt drive procharger.i wish that it was a jet ski engine bike with a screw drive blower

  • meatspin

    a month ago I didnt even know this bike existed. I am properly hyped up and I hope to be blown away. The reveal is bound to be heaps better than when they released the Segway. Right?

  • “They talk of days for which they sit and wait and all will be revealed.”

    You totally made my WEEK with that. Well and truly done.

  • James

    I think that pic 3 looks to me like the front end, cross between an RSV-4 and a Panigale, looks sooooo nice with the carbon and flashes of green! The 2nd pic looks like the screen and as they said above, the mirror mock up and the top is surely a fairing style like the GP10 Desmosedici with the small wings for downforce….don’t now about anyone else but I’m slightly excited about this one!

  • jr2

    This showed up this morning on the interwebz…. links all the aerodynamic device to the front of the bike…

    Rumors abound about a street and a “race only” version…

  • I’ve heard of the street and race versions from a very reliable person as well. Expect some sort of trickery to abide by the 300 km/h gentleman’s agreement (speedo goes blank?). Limited run “halo bike” / “hyperbike” concept.

  • cgukfhk

    Anyone leaked any info on the MSRP?

    I am t hinking it is gonna be in the $20,000.00 neighborhood (for the “S” version).

    So the question becomes – 1290R S-Duke, or H2S?