Jesse James Starts New Media Production Company

04/22/2011 @ 3:20 pm, by Jensen Beeler20 COMMENTS

Jesse James, the man we love to hate, is back in the news today with reports that his Payupsucker Productions, Inc. has teamed-up with Circle King Networks to create El Jefe Entertainment, a motor sports enthusiasts focused production company. While James has always been regarded as a true artisan in the craft of motorcycle fabrication, his true spotlight of fame came from his media savvy in leveraging his name and creating shows like Monster Garage and Jesse James is a Dead Man.

El Jefe Entertainment’s goal is to “develop, produce and distribute exciting, authentic motor-sport based and car enthusiast entertainment,” and will be focusing with movies and products that will be available on DVD, Pay Per View, as well as direct and mobile formats.

“El Jefe Entertainment is an opportunity for me to share with the fans the two things that I love so much, building and racing,” said Jesse James, CEO of Payupsucker Productions. “With these new videos, I hope to bring the how-to series they’ve been asking for. I am at a point in life where I want to give away my skills. I want these videos to inspire others to make their own cool creations. This venture will also give people a shot-gun view of the crazy, out of control world of off-road racing that I live for.”

“Millions of people love Jesse James; he is a modern day master craftsman and the ultimate motor sports enthusiast,” added Jeffrey B. Grubert, CEO Circle King Networks. “Circle King Networks is excited to collaborate with Jesse James by launching El Jefe Entertainment and honor his unique vision and talent in a manner that provides millions the opportunity to learn from and experience more of Jesse’s continued influence.”

Source: Ultimate Motorcycling

  • jamesy

    The guy could start a gold rush and most sentient humans would stay home… zzzzZzz.

  • BBQdog

    Seems more like this guy will start a fire working like that ……

  • Where are we going? And what are we all doing in this handbasket?

  • Zeitgeist

    So true! I was told me the road to hell was paved very smooth and quite twisty but, it appears yours is the more correct assessment.

  • ”With these new videos, I hope to bring the how-to series they’ve been asking for. I am at a point in life where I want to give away my skills.”


    – How to cheat on your wife / F*(% up your mar ridge
    – How to flirt with white supremacy
    – How to convert piece of crap cars into even more useless POS machines
    – How to build the most expensive butt candy motorcycles

    Pass. Jessie James is so last decade. You know its over when your gear is sold at Wal-Mart. Just take your money and go away.

  • I’m at a loss for words. I used to love this guy. Monster garage was great fun to watch. Then it sort of all fizzled out. Jesse is a dead man? Really? Another staged reality show. I won’t talk about his marriage life, no one really know’s what goes on in anyones marriage. It’s clear he screwed up and that’s that.
    What he needs is a true reality stunt, like a road trip done purely on bikes. Not trailered. Something al a Ewan Mcgregor/Charlie Boorman. Wether it’s across country in the States or some other destination. Pair him up with someone contrast to his personality. Take him out of his element, sit him on a bike and roll cameras. I’m sure it would be very interesting.
    He loves off road racing, fine put him in the Baja. Follow him from training all the way to race day.
    There’s something for him out there, just not these BS videos of himself making stuff. No one cares and no one needs him for inspiration save his children.

  • Earl Shives

    I love this website so fuckin’ much! The comments here are most always great, for I too am a curmudgeon.

    Car & Driver did a great behind the scenes expose of Monster Garage years when the show was at its height of popularity. Revealed the show for what this dude and all of that crap really is, a bunch of staged shenanigans. These Los Angeles marketing schemes are nothing more than sideshow shills designed to squeeze the last few dollars out of the dying embers of what were his glory days.

    By the way, I thought he “lived” to build motorcycles?

    I’ll pass, back to reality…

  • hoyt

    @ YellowRanger – “- How to flirt with white supremacy”

    Did you read that in PeoplefuckingMagazine? Based on 1 lousy photo of Jesse wearing WWII-era, German uniform (that possibly was making fun of Hitler)?

    Jesse James educated thousands of people that it was Sugar Bear, a black man, that created the most famous chopper of all time, the Capt. America bike in the movie, “Easy Rider”.
    J.James went out of his way to set the record straight and provide long overdue recognition to the contributions the black builders have made to the chopper sub culture. A culture that has many white racists. If Jesse James was “flirting with white supremacy” why the hell would he go out of his way to right that wrong?

    “Skills” ? You may not like him, his personal life, or his choice in building, but no one can dispute his skill level.

    tsweimer: road trip? In the early days of his rise to popularity he’s been filmed riding a rigid chopper from Long Beach to Sturgis.

  • @ Hoyt:

    Google image search Jessie james nazi – there’s more than one.

    Not saying that he is a white supremacist, but at the very least, the whole biker/maltese cross/ SS lightning bolt/swastika thing is stupid and tired. Much like the rest of JJ’s act.

    The man has an amazing talent, there’s no doubt about that; i’m just tired of this side of motorcycle culture being shoved down the throat of the mainstream; why can’t we have a show about sport touring or charity motorcycle events, or a show about anything other than the “hardcore” chopper, HD, look-at-me-i’m-a-obnoxious-american-sterotype.

  • hoyt

    YellowRanger –

    The mainstream is the morbidly obese consumer of these programs so there is no “shoving down their throat”.

    There is a big difference between the maltese cross and a swastika in many ways….. other organizations use variations of the maltese cross, not just independent bike shops. e.g. International firefighter symbols use the maltese cross and the US Marine Corps uses it for their sharpshooter badge.

    There is more than one photo in Google search, huh? Can it be from the same event/source and then perpetuated like you are doing?

  • hoyt “tsweimer: road trip? In the early days of his rise to popularity he’s been filmed riding a rigid chopper from Long Beach to Sturgis.”

    Hoyt I hate to tell you this but every “road trip” Jesse did his bike spent more time in a trailer then on the road. I’m not saying he didn’t ride a few hours here and there but he never road the whole way on a bike. That isn’t what I consider a road trip.
    a). his bike wouldn’t last. b). he wouldn’t last.

    I remember during one of the “motorcycle mania” films Jesse James and Kid Rock were at Weastcoast choppers and Kid Rock says “We’re the two luckiest guys in the world, look at our wives, look at our motorcycles”. Sure Kid, where are they now?

    Anyway, I still like Jesse but I’d like to see him do something without polish and scripts.

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  • hoyt

    I am not positive he road his bike the entire way, but are you positive he did not? Cite a source.
    Bikes wouldn’t last? Much older barley-based engines make that trip every year. A lot make it and some don’t make it.

  • hoyt

    Barley (auto correct Freudian slip)

  • Jesse


    You might as well be arguing in favor of using a Fat Boy with straight pipes as a commuter bike in downtown Tokyo. Some things just don’t fly on A&R; support for anything “Chopper” is one of those things.

  • hoyt

    The biggest gripe is when people perpetuate an ugly accusation such as racism.
    From the sounds of this new production company, there will be less mainstream content & more valuable, hands-on content. For example, Metal working tips that can be applied to cafe bikes

  • hoyt -I am not positive he road his bike the entire way, but are you positive he did not? Cite a source.
    Bikes wouldn’t last? Much older barley-based engines make that trip every year. A lot make it and some don’t make it.

    WOW Hoyt you sure are something. Cite a source? Why should I have to cite a source? If you insist, number one I know a guy on the production crew and a guy who worked for him for his so called road trips. If that isn’t enough you can search youtube for behind the scene footage of Jesse saying he trailers his bikes most of the time. That his bike kept falling apart.

    As for hands on and all that metal working I can tell you no one gives a shit about it. If people really where interested someone out there some where would have a show on it. This isn’t virgin territory for Jesse to plunder and make a fortune. Motorcycles on TV just aren’t in vogue any more, it’s done.

  • Steve

    The photo looks like he’s grinding the body part he stepped on with his wife. No more chlorine in the gene pool for this guy.

  • hoyt

    Why am I something else (and “WOW” in caps)?

    “Why should I have to cite a source?” That deserves a WOW, especially considering other comments here make racial accusations. Brutal.

    “Metal working – no one gives a shit about it?” right.

    “Motorcycles on TV aren’t in vogue anymore”. Surprisingly, that comment is “right”, which makes this show have promise.

  • Gonzo

    Let’s not forget that ugly whore he dumped Sandra for. What a Douche! And he has yet to build something that actually performs. He’s be great in Hardly Ableson’s design department! Yawn… The only thing his “creations” need to complete them is the huge butt-plug sticking up from the seat.