If you read Asphalt & Rubber regularly, you’ve likely realized that New Jersey isn’t exactly our favorite state. Really, it’s any state that’s not California that gets some loving jabs from us, and even then we have our preferences on where is the best locale in The Golden State. It’s all good fun to us, and we thank the citizens in the rest of the US for playing with to our humors. That being said, New Jersey is rapidly improving its standing here at A&R (recent office polls place it higher than Iowa!), signing into law today a bill that will allow dealers in New Jersey to sell motorcycles on Sunday. Amen.

Barb Borowiec of Barb’s Harley-Davidson in Haddon Township is responsible for getting the law passed, pestering The Garden State for roughly six years to overturn its ban on Sunday motorcycle sales. The big winning argument was that dealers in New Jersey were apparently losing business to dealers in Delaware, who would be open on Sundays.

This law is the motorcycle industries first substantial gain on figuring out the whole problem with a “race on Sunday, sell on Monday” catch phrase, which sees dealerships rarely open on either day, especially the latter. We still can’t fahtom that fact, but congratulate New Jersey on taking steps that bring us closer to more sensible selling practices. Thanks for the tip Dan!

Source: Associated Press

  • Balzaak

    Apparently the new law won’t apply in Bergen County where most sales of anything isn’t allowed on Sunday.

    Though my question about the whole thing is “why wasn’t motorcycle sales allowed on Sundays?”

  • MikeD

    WHoTheF*^% comes up with WIERD B.S LAWS ?! Not the allowing one but the previous not letting them sell on Sunday.

    OH THE B.S , the law makers B.S (we just trying to do whats best for the masses) !!! When wil it ever end ?!

  • Did you know that having adult relations on Sunday is against the law in NJ?

  • MikeD

    No wonder sometimes it been called THE NAZI STATE, right up there next to California.

  • PDQ

    Wow, welcome to 2011 New Jersians!

  • Ricardo

    NJ Still sucks big and I’m still moving out regardless if they legalize weed.

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