Last month, our friend John Shofner (you may have seen some of his work on A&R already) sent us a link to a project he was working on, and we couldn’t wait for it to become a reality.

So finally, we can talk about the full-length documentary, It’s Something Inside, that Shofner Films hopes to produce, which will tell the story behind America’s two-wheeled petrol racing culture.

To help raise the $400,000 that the It’s Something Inside project will need to produce the film, John has turned to the crowd-sourcing platform of Kickstarter.

If funded (your contributions only get collected if John meets his fundraising goal), and once completed, Shofner Films will then pitch the film to various film festivals, with the hope of ultimately getting a theater or TV deal for the film.

As you can tell from the trailer above, and the stills after the jump, John has a great photographic eye; and his previous work, including a documentary of the karting scene, shows his immense talent in storytelling as well.

We are pretty pumped to see this project go forward, and if you are too, we hope you will contribute some money towards his Kickstarter fund. Count us in for a couple bucks John!







Source: Kickstarter

  • Rider

    Moto racing in the US is in a poor state, hopefully this will create some much needed fans and publicity.

  • Looks great. Good luck John Shofner!

  • Thanks guys, hopefully we make funding and get a shot at it! I promise not to disappoint!

  • smiler

    What is the film to be about? Moto racing? Why people race? AMA? All forms of racing?

    it wopuld be great to buck the trend with US made documentaries and make one with 90% interest and 10% noise, thrash metal and generalisations.

    That footage though was great, especially given the technology being used.

  • thebrain

    Great quality. Loved The Man of Steel sound track and interview with TROY BAYLISS!

  • yungjaxxx

    Looks beautiful

  • Jose Barreira

    More and more we are seeing clip’s about the joy of riding motorcycles. This is something worth of our money.

    Hey, is the world turnning into a better place…???

  • tony

    epic, lovely, wonderful stuff! the polar opposite to the hipster bike bullshit video brigade! if we all gave this kid $5…

  • TheSeaward

    Congrats. You’re the first person I’ve ever given money to on Kickstarter.

  • Guest

    Why is the tire on backwards at 0:20?