Indonesia Aims for New Motorcycle Sales To Be Electric-Only by 2040

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The world’s fourth most-populous country is set to mandate that new motorcycle sales be only electric by 2040, so says Arifin Tasrif, Indonesia’s Minister for Energy & Mineral Resources.

The move comes as Indonesia aims to reduce its notable air pollution, and is part of a larger plan that will see on new-car sales reduced to only electrics by 2050, with the government planning incentives to make citizens switch from internal combustion engines.

“We don’t have any policy to stop (usage) of internal combustion engine, just the utilization of electric vehicles, with incentives,” said Dadan Kusdiana, Director General of Renewables at the Ministry for Energy & Mineral Resources, while speaking to Reuters.

According to data from Indonesia’s automotive industry, there are 15 million cars and 112 million motorcycles on Indonesia’s roadways.

This makes Indonesia’s goal with EV motorcycles quite a significant one, as two-wheelers are such a prominent mode of transportation on the nation’s islands.

Of note as well is Indonesia’s large supply of nickel laterite ore, which is used in lithium battery production.

Indonesia hopes to become a leading supplier of battery production, primarily through this ore, and its plans begin with creating demand in its own market first.

Source: Reuters via Paul Tan