Indiana Considering Selling Motorcycles on Sundays

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Indiana is on the verge of redeeming itself in the eyes of Asphalt & Rubber, as the Hoosier State is all set to vote on allowing motorcycle dealers to sell bikes on the Lord’s day (that’s Sunday for you heathens). Indiana State Senate Bill 192, which is sponsored by State Senator Ed Charbonneau (R-Valparaiso), would end Indiana’s ban on “buying, selling or trading motorcycles on Sundays.” The bill is a part of a larger national movement to do away with one of the motorcycle industries more puritanical customs of trade.

Perhaps realizing what all other B2C companies have known for decades, motorcycle dealers are finally warming up to the idea that most consumers do not have time to shop for a motorcycle during the nine to five hours on Tuesdays-Fridays (most shops are closed Monday as well), and as such, some motorcycle dealers nationwide are shining to the idea of having two, count them: TWO, days during the weekend where bikes could roll out the dealership doors. Naturally the abysmal economy is helping fuel most of this “Open on Sunday” fire, but a movement like this has been coming down the pipe for quite some time.

Pennsylvania recently passed a similar bill in 2011, as have other states in our great union. In an industry that still hocks the “race on Sunday, sell on Monday mantra” it will be refreshing finally to have dealers actually open on one of those two days mentioned (hint: it’s not the day where they’re supposed to be selling bikes). Clearly, A&R is of the mind that motorcycle dealers would be better off open seven days a week, and thus we are happy to see that motorcycle dealers are moving one more step closer to that reality.

If you ever wanted a reading on how the motorcycle industry is its own worst enemy at times, the issue of dealers opening up on Sundays is perhaps the best example. Indiana’s State Senate is expected to vote on the Senate Bill 192 later this month, and it is predicted that the bill will pass despite some push back from local dealers. Yes, there are actually dealers who don’t want the ability to decide what days their business should be open. For instance Tom Hartman, the Chairman of the Motorcycle Dealers Association of Indiana, wrote to the Senate committee to advocate that the bill be opposed, as most dealers in Indiana want Sunday off from work. Palm, meet face.

Source: Northwest Indiana Times via DealerNews