Video: Indian Motorcycle – The Spirit of Munro

07/09/2013 @ 5:15 pm, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS

Indian Spirit of Munro, Daytona, FL, March 2013

Indian’s war machine continues to gain momentum, and the challenger to Harley-Davidson’s throne continues to impress. A new video comes our way, this time building on the heritage of the American brand through Burt Munro. One of just many stories around the historic marques, it probably helps that Burt Munro’s name was vaulted into the public consciousness by Hollywood’s The World’s Fastest Indian.

Building an all-metal tribute to Munro’s streamliner, we can find a few flaws that gnaw away at us as we watch this otherwise perfect video campaign (salt veterans know what we’re talking about). Still, Indian is bringing a good fight to Harley-Davidson’s doorstop with marketing promos like these. If you are in the legacy cruiser market, you might have a tougher decisions to make than usual when picking a favorite ride.

  • paulus

    Burt Munro. old school legend.
    The motorcycling world needs more characters like him.

  • coreyvwc

    Very cool that they built a modern replica, but do we get some wine with that cheese?

  • smiler

    It looks great. presumably to be a real replica it will also burn your leg.

    ” it probably helps that Burt Munro’s name was vaulted into the public consciousness by Hollywood’s The World’s Fastest Indian.”
    Why is it impossible for our cousins to resist taking credit for other people’s greatness. He perhaps came to the attention of some Americans because of the US film. But any others knew his name and that of John Britten, another NZ legend, before being imortalised by Hollywood.

    Great idea though to throw a link back from today’s Indian to their bikes of yester year.
    Will anyone buy one?

  • Shinigami

    “gnaw”, not “naw”. sir.

  • Doctor Jelly

    Soooo… Is it fast enough to actually set records, or is just to look pretty in a commercial?

  • Dewey

    Flaws that (g)naw away at you? What have you built from scratch recently? Are you one of the “inside” group of salt veterans?

  • For starters, I don’t think any LSR racer leaves their toe dangling outside the fairing, and second the leg/body cutout on the bike’s profile is to satisfy the partial-streamliner rule, which says the rider must be visible. From watching the video, it’s clear the cutout is imperfect, and hides the rider’s leg significantly in certain spots. It’s the details, you know?

    As for what have I built lately? I can’t think of a single thing. *eyeroll*

  • MikeD

    That new engine sounds SWEET at full song. Too bad it will be anchored to A TURD of a bike, AGAIN.

    Yes, even tho they haven’t shown the new bike i’m positive it will be a TURD, look closely on the latest video with the MSRP Tag hanging from the handle bar and you can see the shape of the front 1/3 of the new bike going by the shadow on the floor, those ridiculous fenders, AGAIN. . . how much longer will they keep milking the “This is what Indians are suposed to be/look like “heritage” B.S ?

    Make something like an MT-01 or California Custom powered by this Gem and maybe i’ll think of Indian, not that i can remotely afford one.