Husqvarna Showing Life? 2012 Up 15% with an Asterisk

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Normally when we talk about Husqvarna’s sales, it is about how the German-owned, Italian-run, Swedish-in-name-only brand is slowly collapsing in on itself like a dying star. Not so in 2012 though, as Husqvarna sales to dealers were up a solid 15.7% (10,751 units) over the 2011 figures (9,286 units).

Holy shnikeys Batman, but with numbers that sounds almost too good to be true, a closer examination of Husqvarna’s sales figures sheds some interesting facts. Fans of the brand, may not like what they have to hear after the jump.

With the off-road market still a staple of the Husqvarna brand, it should be unsurprising that the Swedish brand’s biggest sellers were its larger single-cylinder enduro, mx, and supermoto bikes, which accounted for 2,597 units sold (250cc, 310cc, 449cc, and 511cc models).

However, when you break out the sales figures for the twin-cylinder Husqvarna Nuda 900 (1,936 units), as well as the single-cylinder Husvarna Terra & Husqvarna Strada models (1,321 combined models) though, it is apparent where BMW’s other motorcycle brand made its gains.

Without the introduction of the new models and the new on-road segment, Husqvarna’s 2012 sales would actually have been another disappointing posting, with a 19% sales loss (7,494 off-road units sold). Clearly, Husqvarna’s new model strategy is helping move more units, but what is worrying is that the company has yet to turnaround its shrinking off-road market.

While 2012 may have been a success in unit sales, the numbers behind the sales are worrisome indeed for the iconic brand. The Baja and Moab models can’t get here soon enough, but will they leave Husky still standing one leg only?

Source: BMW Group