Video: The Design of the Husqvarna 900

06/15/2011 @ 5:23 pm, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS

Along with the “don’t call them spy shost” photos that Husqvarna released yesterday, the Swedish brand owned by a German company that’s based in Italy has also released a video that elaborates on the design of the new Husqvarna 900 street bike. As we’ve seen already from the concept sketches, and affirmed in the photos, the new street-going Husky is a super-sized supermotard that features BMW’s F800 series parallel twin motor, albeit slightly revised to 900cc.¬†Find the design philosophy of the new Husqvarna 900 according to Head of Husqvarna Design Raffaele Zaccagnini after the jump.

BMW hasn’t been bashful about lending its name to the project, and does so as well in this video as well…we imagine its to help establish some street-cred for the otherwise dirt-based brand. Yes/no/maybe so that it’s working, nonetheless BMW seems hell-bent on pushing Husqvarna not only into the road sector, but also as establishing the brand as a serious contender to Austrian rival KTM.

Source: Husqvarna (YouTube)

  • jason

    Too much BMW not enough Husky……

  • MikeD


    So far, yes…too much BMW-ness and not even close to the cool Husky sketches. But it could sunddenly change…after all, it’s just a mocked up TestMule.

  • jason

    Fingers crossed.

  • BikePilot

    Design phil0sopy as far as I can tell is husky stickers on a boring BMW – about as un-husqvarna as you can get. If Husqvarna had any input there wouldn’t be that sewing-machine, even-firing-interval parallel twin to push it along – rather we’d see an ultra-light, stonking v2 (see e.g., Folan).

  • Shawn


    V-twin? I’m pretty sure it says Husqvarna over the door and not Aprilia. For a niche brand they can’t justify designing/licensing a whole new engine when the BMW/Rotax 800 has had good reviews.

  • Walter

    Know what they call this over at the KTM SMR/Superduke department?



  • RSVDan

    I saw this crap coming as soon as I head about the BMW buyout. Just more fodder for my inherent hatred of BMW.

  • BikePilot

    @ Shawn, don’t know how Aprilia is relevant, but anyway that’s half the point – its not a Husqvarna. The other half is I have yet to hear much good about the BMW 800 – it isn’t fast, it doesn’t sound nice, it hasn’t proven particularly reliable/long-lasting. Is it super light weight? It does get good fuel economy so there’s that.

    A revived Folan would have been closer in keeping with Husqvarna’s design roots.

    I’d love to be wrong and see it come out with 110+ hp at the wheel, a 270 degree crank and be a truly fun, visceral and involving ride.