The Horex VR6 Roadster Is Finally Headed to Dealers

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All things considered, it hasn’t taken Horex that long to come to market with its first machine, the Horex VR6 Roadster. Not the supercharged street-standard that we first saw (there’s been no update when that variant will be available), but still a plucky 161hp motorcycle that should attract the discerning buyer.

Featuring a 1,218cc, 15°, VR6 motor, the Horex VR6 Roadster has had a number of delays in its production (here & here), not to mention the set-back with the supercharged model, but bringing a new model to market in less than three years is still quite a feat in this industry, so our hats are off to zie Germans.

Delivering its first demo machines to dealers, perhaps the strangest thing about this announcement is that we have still yet to hear of pricing on the new model. Despite that fact, the German company quotes having 25 dealers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, which is quite a few if you consider how small that territory is in size.

“Now that production of our Horex VR6 Roadster has begun at our factory in Augsburg and we’ve started supplying our dealers, you could say we’ve entered the home stretch,” said Klaus-Peter Schäfer, head of sales and marketing at Horex. “We’ve developed a new and technically innovative motorcycle equipped with a unique VR6 engine. It’s now ready for market, and we invite every Horex fan to take it out for a spin and discover the new roadster experience.”

“The next shipping dates from Augsburg for subsequent motorbikes are already confirmed,” added Schäfer. “This way, we’re ensuring that, one by one, each of our 35 Horex dealers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will receive a demonstrator model.”

Source: Horex