Horex Closes Down Operations, Lays Off Staff

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It’s been a rough year for German manufacturer Horex, especially after the company declared bankruptcy this September. With no new investors in sight, Horex has had no choice but to close it doors, and layoff its staff, including management.

The Horex project had a rough start, and was fraught with production delays and key design changes. Posting to the company’s Facebook page today (translated into English after the jump), it would seem barring a miracle, this is the end of the Horex brand’s rebirth.

Dear fans of HOREX GmbH,

Last Friday at 10am a shockwave hit the HOREX crew: all employees including the complete management are fired as of November 11, 2014. The closure of the Augsburg vehicle and engine facility and the securing of all assets started commenced that same day.

With the demise of the complete staff the HOREX firm in the fashion it was built up by its founders has ceased to exist. Bidders still in the running will have to foresee building new structures and processes. At this time all current trade and support processes end.

Before the overtaking we were convinced most of the HOREX staff would be kept on board, as we assumed the know-how and the HOREX blood running through their vains would’ve been a vital part of any continuation.

Hereby 10 years of hard work to build up a second German motorcycle brand have reached a crossroad with an uncertain future. We thank you all for your enduring support on this path.

“Building motorcycles requires hardship, it’s an artform and craft for engineers who have remained young at heart,” said Helmut Werner Bönsch of BMS Motorrad in 1960. One will be hard pressed to find a more accurate description for the HOREX teams spirit. It would take no more than the slightest hunch of an opportunity for us to rise up again to make HOREX a success nonetheless.

Until then however, we can only once again express our gratitude for the time we spent working together.

In the name of all HOREX’ers we wish you all the best for the future.

Source: Horex